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A good salad is Cooking Basics 101--it’s nearly impossible to mess up. You add a bunch of veggies, maybe some grilled chicken, drizzle on the dressing, and if you’re feeling reallllly fancy, top it with an avocado rose

But before you serve it to guests, you’re forgetting one very important ingredient. No, it’s not cheese. (Even though we do love cheese.) It’s salt. 

Hear us out. We know you’re trying to keep your sodium levels in check. But did you know salad is derived from the Latin word salata, which literally means “salty”? Adding just a pinch of sea salt to your salad before tossing it will turn that hodgepodge of items in a bowl into a cohesive dish with brighter, more vibrant flavors. Add a sprinkle, and then go easy on the dressing. Trust us, it works.

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