Yes, You Can Still Eat Vegan at Taco Bell. Here’s How

When you think Taco Bell, you probably think meat, cheese and sour cream. (Or at least that's what we think.) But what if you're following a vegan diet? Can you still satisfy that hot sauce craving? Yes, and we're here to show you how, friends. Here's what's vegan-friendly at Taco Bell.

Here’s what’s already vegan on the menu

For starters, the cinnamon twists are accidentally vegan. But you can't exactly make a meal out of that (we've tried), so belly up to the chips and salsa while you're at it. The black beans and rice side is also vegan as is.

Here’s what you can customize to make vegan

While there aren't a ton of immediately vegan items available, everything is easily customizable. And Taco Bell made its menu a little more vegan-friendly this year when it launched the "Tacos With a Side of Purpose" initiative. The restaurant is testing a vegetarian menu that includes the Crunchwrap Supreme, vegetarian Quesarito and seven-layer burrito, but you can easily tweak your picks to be vegan by ordering them “Fresco style.” (That means cheese, cream-based sauces and sour cream are replaced with pico de gallo.) Other vegan-izable items include the spicy potato soft taco (hold the cheese and chipotle sauce), the tostada (ask for beans instead of meat) and the Double Decker taco (swap guac and beans instead of cheese and beef). Just remember: When in doubt, order it Fresco style.

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