Eating Vegan? These Are All the Plant-Based Items at Chipotle

Whether you're new to veganism or the diet is old hat, one thing is always true: Figuring out what to eat when you're dining with a non-vegan can be tough. One restaurant that's made it pretty easy? Chipotle. The fast-casual chain is actually at the forefront of making vegan dining hassle-free. (There's even have an interactive menu filter on its website for all kinds of dietary restrictions.) Here's how to eat vegan while still getting your chips and guac fix at Chipotle.

If you're ordering an entrée...

All of Chipotle's tortillas and rice options (white and brown) are plant-based, so fill that burrito…or tacos…or bowl to your heart's content. As long as you skip the meat and cheese, everything else is fair game—including fajita vegetables, black beans and pinto beans (which, until recently, used to be cooked with meat). And Chipotle even has a vegan protein option, called sofritas, that's made from soy. One small caveat: The chipotle honey salad dressing is not vegan-friendly, so skip it in favor of salsa.

If you want sides...

This is the moment we've all been waiting for: Chipotle's chips and guacamole are both 100 percent vegan. (The guac is still extra, unless you're ordering a veggie burrito bowl.) 

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