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Some fall traditions never change: apple picking, baking pies and sipping hot cocoa. But when it comes to your Instagram feed—and the supermarket snack aisle—this fall’s food trends are about to get pretty interesting. (And we’re not talking about pumpkin spice. We promise.)

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Water, Water Everywhere

Hey, remember coconut water? Keep your eyes peeled for a ton of new kinds of mineral-rich, plant-based waters touting health benefits. Think: chlorophyll water (which might help clear your skin), cactus water, birch tree water, hemp-infused water and even rose water (we love H2Rose).

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Everything But the Bagel

Carbs will never go out of style, but the really addictive part of an everything bagel is its crunchy-savory topping. Prepare to see “everything bagel” snacks taking over your grocery store (and doughnut shop, if you're into that kind of thing). Want to DIY the trend? Try PureWow's “Everything Bagel” Cauliflower Rolls.

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Soup is The New Juicing

See ya, $12 bottle of veggie juice. You never left us feeling satisfied anyway. Cold, ready-to-drink soup brands like Zupa Noma, Bonafide Provisions and Mucho Gazpacho are in. They’re way more filling and have less sugar than that beet, kale and apple concoction anyway.

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A Taste of Morocco

Morocco is the "it" vacation destination right now, and North African spices are sneaking into restaurant menus all over the U.S. But it’s easy to give your go-to chicken dinner a Moroccan flair at home, too. Experiment with harissa (a smoky chili paste), or add warm spices like cumin, ginger, coriander and cinnamon (try mixing them together in a 1:1 ratio).

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Tiny Treats

Outrageously large, dripping, extravagant delicacies are so last season. Dollhouse-sized foods like mini éclairs, mini ice-cream sandwiches and mini bagel balls are what you’ll be seeing all over your Instagram feed. (Also, you can eat, like, eight.)

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Some Assembly Required

Rather than getting your foodie friend another kitchen gadget she’ll never use, opt for a totally trending educational food kit, like the new Chameleon Cold Brew Kit, Annie B’s Caramel Apple Kit or Farm Steady’s Mexican Fresh Cheese Making Kit. It's like a low-key cooking class in the comfort of your own kitchen. Pass the homemade queso fresco, please.

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