You Can Buy a Bourbon-Filled Chocolate Bunny at Disney Springs This Easter

disney springs boozy bunny cat

Jellybeans are good. Cadbury Mini Eggs are great. Stale Peeps? Our favorite. But we’re not sure any Easter treat can top the Boozy Bunny, a limited-time chocolate delight that’s about to be available at Disney Springs, a shopping district within Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.

Brainchild of sweets shop The Ganachery, the Boozy Bunny is a hollow chocolate rabbit filled with a bourbon-spiked chocolate bev. Disney diehards crossed their fingers all year long, hoping that the sweet would make a triumphant return this spring, and the shop did not disappoint. The bunnies will be available from April 1 through Easter.

To make one, both halves of the chocolate bunny are first molded and hardened. Once the chocolate is set, the edges of both halves are melted and freeze-sprayed together. Then, a hole is melted into the back of the bunny and a house-made chocolate drink is poured inside. You can drink it as is or top it off with bourbon. A straw is added to the hole for easy sipping, and the bunny is placed in a box, so you can nosh and stroll the park without it melting all over your hands.

While the Boozy Bunny may be the most exciting item on the menu for grown-ups, it’s far from the only Easter-themed indulgence at Disney World. You can also chomp on Bunny Butt Rice Krispies Treats, Bunny Blondie Pops, Peanut Butter Bunny Cookies and Spring Birds’ Nest Donuts to celebrate.

BRB, packing our bags and hopping on a plane.

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