7 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Everyday Coffee

You've gotta try these

There’s nothing quite like a warm cup of coffee on a chilly autumn morning, except for the fact that it gets pretty repetitive to drink the same ol' cup of joe day in and day out. Here, six easy ways to upgrade your basic brew (and one for those year-round iced coffee drinkers…aka us).

Proof You Should Drink 5 Cups of Coffee a Day

Add Salt To Offset Bitterness

Crazy, we know. But the sodium bonds to the part of your taste buds that detect bitterness and curbs the icky aftertaste. Share with even your most coffee-averse friends.

Add Cinnamon To Your Coffee Filter Before You Brew

No more cinnamon clumps and an insanely amazing smell throughout your entire kitchen. Win-win.


Use Chocolate Milk Instead

Spontaneous mocha latte? Yep, this is life-changing.

Make Your Own Foamed Milk

That mocha latte won't froth itself, though. Psst: You can use your microwave. 

Mix Instant Coffee With Cold Water First

But just a splash. It helps the grounds dissolve evenly without any powdery taste or inconsistency. And then you can top it with hot water.

Add Oatmeal And Espresso For The Ultimate Power Breakfast

Make it at home or ask for it from the secret menu at Starbucks.


Make Milk-and-cookies Cubes For Your Iced Coffee

It's like dessert but with caffeine.


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