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Remember when we told you how to make oatmeal lattes? They’re pretty much the best breakfast ever because oatmeal + caffeine = a good morning.

Well, the next time you want one but don’t feel like making it yourself, just head to your nearest Starbucks. But shhhh, oatmeal lattes aren’t on the menu (yet). So here’s what you do: 

Ask the barista for the classic oatmeal prepared with steamed milk instead of water and topped off with a shot (or two) of espresso. You could also order the espresso on the side and pour it in yourself if he or she gives you any guff about your more-complicated-than-usual request. (Though to be fair, the guy ahead of you just ordered a triple-shot, coconut-milk, no-foam beverage.) 

Let the caffeinated oats cook for a few minutes and sprinkle on your sugar, fruit or nut toppings to taste. And there you have it: the most efficient breakfast ever.

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