9 Ways to Stop Being Late for Everything

Punctuality. How novel.

OK, you knew dinner was firmly set for 7 p.m., but as long as one of you shows up on time, you’re fine, right? Wrong.

Here, nine ways to stop being late…for good.

The DIY Diary

Have A Designated Spot For Your Keys

Put them there every single time so you don’t waste 11 minutes flipping over couch cushions to find them.

Essie Button

Time Your Makeup Routine

Ideally, this takes under 10 minutes. Set your iPhone timer, and when it goes off, that’s your cue to stop and move on with your morning.

Make Your Breakfast Ahead

Think mini muffin tin breakfast quiches. Mix 'em up on the weekend for a healthy grab 'n' go breakfast on the weekdays. Easy peasy.

Follow The 40% Rule

Officially, it’s known as the buffer index, aka a calculation that says it will typically take you 40% longer than you think it will to get to your destination. So if you think you need 30 minutes, you probably actually need 42.

Keep Tabs On Your Gas Tank

Ugh, you forgot your gas tank was on E and you didn’t follow the 40% rule. More lateness. Make it a personal goal to never ever (ever) dip below a quarter tank.

Stop Giving Your Email "one Last Check"

Those unread notes from your boss will still be there when you arrive (on time) at your destination.

Send Non-urgent Calls To Voicemail

Nothing good can come from a phone call from your mom 30 seconds before you’re about to walk out the door. Send to voicemail (she’ll forgive you) and call her back.

Carry An Early Bird Reward

Maybe it’s that page-turner book or a magazine you can’t put down. Or something lighter, like a new podcast. Train your brain: If you’re ahead of schedule, you’ll have 15 blissful minutes all to yourself.

Last Resort: Leave Your Phone At Home

You know how you’re always texting your pals to let them know you’re running late? Remove that option and you have to be on time.