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Greatest Study Ever Says Drink Coffee, Live Longer (for Real This Time)

We know, we know. Everyone has an opinion on coffee. (It’s good for you! It’s bad for you! Here’s some matcha! We can’t take it anymore!) But now, the latest study out of Spain settles the debate once and for all: Drinking four cups of coffee per day can help you live longer—by a lot.

The craziest part? The ten-year study of 20,000 Mediterranean participants found that regardless of whether they added sugar or not, the caffeine boost alone increased life span by 64 percent. And if you can’t handle four cups, even two cups a day reduces the chance of death by 30 percent. However, after four cups, benefits are nil and the amount of caffeine actually becomes harmful. So don’t get too happy with the good stuff.

The best part of waking up? Yep, it’s still coffee.

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