The One Thing Thats Missing from Your Iced Coffee

Raise your hand if you’re one of those people who guzzles iced coffee every morning (OK, fine, all day long). Well, you’re in for a treat, fellow caffeine lovers—a really chocolatey one.

What you need: Cold-brew coffee, ice cubes and chocolate milk (we’re talking full-fat goodness—none of that watered-down stuff).

What you do: Plop a few ice cubes into a tall glass. Next, pour in equal parts cold brew and chocolate milk. Give the concoction a good stir and sip slowly to savor the (heavenly) taste.

Why it’s so damn delicious: It’s essentially an iced mocha, but you’re subbing in cold brew for espresso and chocolate milk for chocolate syrup. Both swaps result in a richer flavor and creamy consistency that reminds us of a slightly melted milkshake.

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