Why You Should Be Putting Salt in Your Coffee

It's on the table already, right?

salted coffee 400

You got less than four hours of sleep last night and you’ve got a huge day at work ahead of you. Thank goodness for…BITTER COFFEE (said no one, ever).

Sipping particularly bitter joe is a major disappointment, but the day must go on. Luckily, there’s a way to revive your cup in a pinch (of salt).

What you need: Coffee and salt.

What you do: Add the salt to the offending coffee and stir.

Why it works: Salt weirdly bonds to the parts of your taste buds that detect bitterness and stops them from properly doing their job. Science!

The end result: You might be able to notice a faint taste of salt, but if you prefer sodium to bitterness, this trick’s for you.

sarah stiefvater
Sarah Stiefvater

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