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Chefs Are Pretty Excited About This Cannabis-Infused Olive Oil—Heres Why
Luke Beard Photography

San Francisco is semi-obsessed with medical and recreational marijuana, and while that may not be our jam, our ears did perk up when we heard that cannabis started making its way into the culinary world (and we’re not talking brownies). 

It’s a flavor-neutral, cannabis-infused, extra-virgin olive oil called Pot d’Huile, and it’s created specifically for chefs, bakers, and home cooks. Wait, what?

It all started when a foodie with a background in finance teamed up with a biochemist and molecular biologist to make a product that can be dosed very accurately while still providing the full scope of medicinal benefits. It can be measured precisely, so you know exactly how much THC you’re ingesting, and it can be used anywhere you’d use regular olive oil—baked goods, soups, braises, stews, salad dressings. Pot d’Huile is not meant to get you high, but it is meant to help with things like pain relief, stress reduction and better sleep. Think of it as a microdosing tool for the culinary-inclined.

So far, some major chefs are into it. Michelle Minori (Barzotto) and Jorge Martinez (Loló) are experimenting with it at home in pestos, salad dressings and as a finishing oil for dishes, and they say it’s very similar to working with premium olive oils—smooth and silky with a pronounced olive flavor. You won’t see it on restaurant menus anytime soon, but it could be fair game at private tastings and events.

Right now, you still need a medical marijuana card to get your hands on some, but starting in January (in the state of California), all you’ll need is ID with proof of age. 

We just might be game to give it a try.

Available at Sparc, 1256 Mission St., 415-252-7727 or 473 Haight St.,

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