We’ll be honest: Some wellness trends are—shall we say?—out-there. But really, why not infuse everything in your life with cannabis? From chocolate to bath soaks, these holistic products boast everything from pain relief to improved sleep quality. Here, four CBD infused products to help you get in on the trend, should you be so inclined. (Just talk to your doctor first, OK?)

cbd infused products jersey shore cosmetics lip balm
Jersey Shore Cosmetics


It’s time to ditch your regular ChapStick for super sativa medicinal hydrating balm—it’s a natural, organic lip balm with nutrient-rich cannabis sativa seed oil and other non-GMO ingredients like coconut oil, cocoa butter, lavender essential oil and vitamin E. Apparently, cannabis seed oil is basically a hydrating vitamin cocktail for your lips. Good to know.

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cbd infused products Lord Jones Body Lotion
Lord Jones

2. LORD JONES High CBD Formula Body Lotion

Chic packaging aside, this lotion from Lord Jones acts as a skin hydrator, body smoother, high heel supporter, belly beauty balm, post-sun soother, hand lotion and cuticle caretaker. The vacuum pump delivers two milligrams of CBD per pump, and all you need is one or two pumps.

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cbd infused products charlotte s web everyday hemp oil
Charlotte's WEb

3. Everyday Hemp Oil

This everyday oil from Charlotte’s Web can be taken orally or added to smoothies, salad dressings and coffee to boost general wellness. Among the reviews on the company’s site are customers raving about the oil’s ability to calm mild anxiety as well as soothe lower back and knee pain, GI inflammation and combat sleep troubles.

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cbd infused products 1906 midnight chocolate

4. 1906 Midnight Chocolate

Uh, yum. 1906 has a whole range of cannabis-infused chocolates, but this one, Midnight, is specifically designed to optimize sleep. These mild chocolate gems contain plants that could help you turn off a long day and the stress with it. We get to eat chocolate and have a more restful sleep? Sign us up. Unfortunately, 1906 isn't available nationwide—these are only an option for lucky residents of Colorado

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