Behave, a Keto, Low-Sugar Line of Gummy Bears, Launches Today (and We Tasted Them)

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Value: 16/20
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Total: 88/100

We’ve all been there: Fist-deep in a bag of candy that we swore we wouldn't finish in one night. If this is an unavoidable habit for you, odds are you’ve tried "healthy-ish" candy, only to be disappointed by how it tastes, uh…not so much like candy. Behave, a low-sugar line of gummy bears that launched today, aims to change that perception. And while he had our doubts that was even possible, we were pleasantly surprised.

Behave candy is gluten-free, keto, low sugar, fat-free and non-GMO. Each 90-calorie pouch of gummies contains 20 or so chef-crafted bears, which you don't have to think twice about devouring in one sitting given that they only contain 6 net carbs (thanks to a whopping 24 grams of fiber) and 3 grams of protein. The gummies, which only have 3 grams of natural sugar per pouch, are sweetened with monk fruit and chicory root fiber instead of regular sugar.

These gummies are specifically made so you don’t have to worry about “behaving” yourself around them. That was founder and CEO Mayssa Chehata’s mission: to create a candy that catered to today’s health-conscious world without sacrificing taste. That’s why she made James Beard award nominee Elizabeth Falkner Behave’s head of candy.

No surprise, the candy's stellar nutrition facts are thankfully backed by seriously delicious flavors. Every bag includes raspberry, passionfruit and lychee gummies. All you have to do is choose between the sweet or sour pack. The first thing you’ll notice about either pack is how freakin’ delicious the gummies smell, tart and sweet all at once. It seems like the breakdown of flavors you get per bag is sort of a crapshoot (our sweet bag was mostly raspberry with only two lychee bears, while our sour bag was more evenly divided). But that’s not much of an issue considering all the flavors are solid.

behave gummy bear review sweet

The sweet gummies are super glossy, squishy, soft and almost juicy—not like some gummies that put your teeth through hell just to chew them. When you munch on them, they’re so soft that they kind of just fall apart and melt away instead of getting stuck in your molars for all of eternity. The passionfruit is ever-so-slightly on the sour side and tastes a lot like its namesake; it also reminded us of those super popular hard guava candies. The lychee, which is a tropical fruit, tastes like a sour, sophisticated twist on Welch’s peach fruit snacks. The raspberry gummies are impressively tart and just might be our favorite of the sweet pack.

behave gummy bears review sour

The sour pack’s bears are coated in sour crystals (which makes them a little less sticky than the sweet bears). The sour dust isn’t overwhelming at all and doesn’t alter the flavors of the sweet gummies too much, so it might not be right for you if you prefer treats so tart your lips pucker and eyes twitch. Though we will say the sour lychee gummies surprised us in the best way—the crystals brought the slight sourness in the sweet gummy alllll the way out. P.S., the bears themselves are pretty darn adorable to boot.

Bonus? Behave is donating 1 percent of all online sales to nonprofits, choosing a different organization to support every few months based on customer feedback. For launch month, Behave has partnered with the Equal Justice Initiative, which fights racial and economic injustice on the behalf of vulnerable Americans.

Unfortunately, you can’t buy single bags at the moment, but six-pouch boxes of sweet or sour gummies are available now for $30. You can also get a combo pack with a box of each kind for $60. If you want to save a few bucks, make your purchase a monthly subscription. Trust us, you won’t miss the sugar.

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