The One Trick to Pulling Off a Turtleneck If You Have Big Boobs

turtleneck big boobs hero

Turtlenecks are constantly being touted as a winter wardrobe staple. But for ladies working with a little more in the boob department, they can seem intimidating.

Luckily, we recently discovered a genius styling trick from Katie Sturino, the blogger behind The 12ish Style (who’s also a member of the PureWow Coterie). We spotted her looking beyond chic in a high-neck top and realized something: It’s all about using a turtleneck as a layering piece instead of a stand-alone item.

When you wear a turtleneck on its own, the uninterrupted silhouette can emphasize a larger chest. But when you wear one underneath a hoodie, blazer or even a deep V-neck top, you're splitting up the visual and giving the eye more places to look. Basically, it’s super flattering. The key is to find a thin, tissue-like version like these from J.Crew, Topshop and Sejour.

Turtlenecks: They’re not just for A-cups anymore.