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Ah, the fitted turtleneck: the layering superhero of mid-winter wardrobes everywhere. Because we know it’s a tricky style to pull off, here are eight ways to nail it. (And because we really love you…four ways to skip.)

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what to wear with a turtleneck
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1. A blazer or sharp coat. It’s a refreshing break from your day-in-day-out pressed work shirts. And it looks like you mean serious business. Just keep the colorways monochromatic.

2. A workwear vest. You know, the sleeveless blazers that hit way down on your hips? They shine with a snug sweater.

3. A belted cardigan. The double sweater look is tough. (See below for details on crew necks and V-necks.) But you can layer a long sweater that wraps up like a kimono. The angular lines come across as fresh and modern.

4. A poncho. Basically anything that looks like a cowboy’s blanket and you’re golden.

5. A chunky turtleneck. Stay with us. A double turtleneck is shockingly chic--given the right fabric difference.

6. High-rise, wide-leg trousers. Proportions are everything. With a snug top, you’ll want a looser bottom.

7. Full skirts. Same logic applies here.

8. A shift dress or jumper. Extend the life of your sleeveless and cap-sleeve numbers by layering a turtleneck underneath. Your boxier and heavier materials (wools and knits) will work best.



1. Necklaces. Learn from The Rock’s mistakes. And keep the jewelry to a minimum.

2. Scarves. They have the same awkward layering appeal. You get one neck accoutrement only.

3. A crew-neck sweater. Or, worse, a V-neck… That look died in 1993.

4. Tight pants. Too tights don’t make a right. You’ll want volume on the bottom (see above).

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