I Wear These Reef Cushion Vista Hi Sandals All Day, Every Day—They’re *That* Comfortable

I’ve never been more excited about arch support

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wearing the reef cushion hi vista sandals outside
Candace Davison
  • Value: 18/20
  • Comfort: 19/20
  • Fit: 19/20
  • Quality: 19/20
  • Aesthetics: 19/20

TOTAL: 95/100

Sandal season is upon us, and with it, its lesser charms: blisters! Pinched toes! Achy heels and knee and hip pain from a lack of arch support! At least, that’s often the case. Growing up in Florida made me live in sandals and flip flops year-round, and no matter how many pairs I tried, comfort was fleeting, especially for a girl with high arches and wide feet. And then I discovered Reef Cushion Vista Hi sandals, and within days, I became a cork-soled sandal evangelist.

“Your heels ache in those sandals? Check out these Reefs—the cupped footbed is so cushioned and supportive!”

“Have you seen all the colors these come in?”

“I’ve stopped bringing a change of shoes for my mile walk to work!”

And this is coming from someone who, as a size 11-bordering-on-12, normally hides my feet. I was just so excited to finally have sandals that felt good that I couldn’t wait to tell people about them (or pitch this story, clearly).

reef cushion hi vista sandals on carpet
candace davison

The Aesthetics & Cushion Got Me Hooked

I was drawn to the look of the sandals; they didn’t have the orthopedic look of most supportive shoes, yet you could clearly see they had arch support. Some sandals I’ve tried make big claims, only to have an almost negligible lift in the arch. These hugged my feet.

Plus, the 1.75-inch platform and cork bottom provide ample cushioning. There’s a sense of springiness to them, offering a rebound that prevents my heels from aching, even when I’m on my feet all day. (Seriously—I wore them during a day of cooking and baking, instead of my go-to Dansko clogs, and eight hours later, my feet, joints and lower back felt great.)

two photos of the reef cushion hi vista sandals being worn outside
candace davison

That Said, Fit Is Key

The contoured, foot-cupping shape helps keep the chunky sandals from slipping off your feet as you walk. (Even if you’re half-racing to catch a train, as I have.) However, that means getting the right fit is key. I found these ran true to size, though as someone who used to sheepishly try to cram her feet into smaller sizes, I needed to admit that I needed a size 12, not 11, to avoid having the edge of the shoe dig into my heel. This also provided enough wiggle room so that the top vegan leather strap didn’t rub against my foot as much (I had tried a size down previously, and the chafing often led to cuts).

reef water vista sandals next to reef cushion hi vista sandals
candace davison

Reef Cushion Hi Vistas vs. Reef Water Vistas: Which Is Better?

Before trying the Cushion Hi Vistas, I initially bought the Water Vistas. Between chasing my daughter at splash pads to going to the beach, I found the Water Vistas ideal for pool and beach days, especially since the EVA material can be easily rinsed clean. And they have a heel strap to make them a little more secure. However, I did find them less supportive than the Cushion Hi Vistas and less comfortable over the course of the day. (But that could be because they only go to size 11.) My daughter wears Little Water Vistas and hasn’t had any issues with discomfort.

The Bottom Line

With 22 styles to choose from, ranging from poolside-worthy PVC designs in neon brights to subdued vegan leather styles, you’ve got options. I’ve worn mine to baby showers, cookouts and work events, and I’ve loved their versatility—and all-day wearability.

Fast Facts

  • Sizes: 5-12
  • Color options: 22, ranging from blues and pink to neutrals

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