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Whether you like it or not, mom jeans are in. We’re not talking about the pleated, belly-pooch-inducing pairs from that infamous SNL skit. No, we’re talking about stylish, high-waisted styles you’ll actually want to wear out in public. Here, the dos and don’ts of styling mom jeans like a fashion pro.

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lady addict mom jeans how to style

Do Pay Super-Close Attention to Fit
Mom jeans are meant to sit high on your waist, which unfortunately means the wrong pair can leave you with a seriously unflattering crotch situation. Look for a pair that isn’t too tight in the front. You want a straight leg that skims your curves just so.

Don’t Forget to Show a Little Skin
Because mom jeans have a long inseam, you’re going to be pretty covered up. Balance things out with a flash of ankle or bare shoulders.

dans vogue mom jeans

Don’t Ignore the Back
Paying attention to the details on your rear is just as important as finding the right fit in the front. Pocket placement can work wonders for creating a bum where there is none, minimizing what you want reduced and giving the illusion of different body shapes.

Do Cuff the Hems
It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing flats, booties or sky-high heels, be sure to roll the cuffs at least once. Leaving them to hang loose over your ankles can end up looking dowdy. Not the style you’re going for.

walk in wonderland mom jeans

Do Embrace Luxe Accents
Denim will always lend a casual feel, especially in a looser fit and a lighter wash. Top off your jeans with a silky blouse and ladylike heels to elevate your whole ensemble. No soccer mom vibes here!

Salem Indrias mom jeans how to style

Do Tuck Everything In
Even if you’re wearing a thick sweater, tucking it into the waistband will keep you from looking bulky and give the illusion of a smaller middle. If you want to rock a crop top instead, pick one that hits right at the top of the waistband.

Don’t Go Too Baggy
You might think an oversize version would help you look smaller, but in reality overly slouchy mom jeans will just end up making everything look bigger.

Anoushka Probyn mom jeans how to style

Don’t Be Afraid to Have Fun
Mom jeans are meant to be comfortable and versatile. Wear them with the likes of frilly tops and sparkly boots to feel both flirty and fashion-forward.

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