We Found 17 Pairs of Jeans for Big Butts That Eliminate the Dreaded Waist Gap

Because tailoring the waistband shouldn’t be your only option

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Finding jeans that fit well all around when you have a big bottom is no small feat. It often feels like you have to choose between a pair that fits your hips like a glove but gaps in the waist, or hugs your waist just right while pushing the limits of stretch denim to cover your rear. And while it’s always an option to take your jeans to the tailor to be altered or to attempt to shrink your jeans in the wash, those shouldn’t be the only solutions for the curvy booties among us. So, as your friendly local fashion editor, I set out to track down as many fabulous jeans for big butts as possible by reading through endless reviews, reading up on the latest in denim fabrication and fit technology and, of course, talking to women who know this topic better than anyone, i.e., real shoppers who’ve been combing the market for years. In the end, I found 17 pairs that will fit you and your booty like a glove and compiled a list of additional tips that will help you find the pair of your dreams.

The Top Jeans for Big Butts at a Glance

How to Find Jeans for Big Butts That Fit Just Right

Unfortunately, it’s not quite so simple as walking into a store and trying on any style you like. There are a few key things to keep in mind to increase your chance of picking out the right jeans the first time.

1. Look for jeans with stretch

Stretch and curves are a match made in heaven, but there are some limits to what it can do for you. Too much stretch and you’ll risk looking like you’re sporting leggings. Or, worse, your jeans will permanently sag and slouch after just a few wears. Denim that incorporates between one and five percent elastane, Lycra or spandex should give your bum enough wiggle room without being overly stretchy. (BTW, lots of brands have developed their own innovative curve-hugging formulas, so check out the in-depth fabric descriptions to get a better idea of fit before you buy.)

2. Curve collections were made for you

The makers behind numerous “curve” denim brands understand that women with big butts, wide hips and thick thighs can’t just “size up” and expect their jeans will still fit well all over. Which is why these collections feature special details like contoured waistbands, extra room in the trunk and just the right ratio of stretch to accommodate a wide variety of bodies. And while some brands use the term to denote plus-size options, many use it simply to refer to bodies with curves, whether they are a size 2 or a size 22.

3. High-waist styles fit better than mid- or low-rise (most of the time)

I suggest you take this “rule” as more of a suggestion. Most of the women I spoke with (and most of the reviews we read) said that high rises were more likely to fit both their butt and their waist, while lower rises tended to produce waist gaps, especially for those with more dramatic hourglass figures. That said, you can definitely find lower rises that fit well, it just takes a bit more trial and error. Once you find a brand whose high-rise styles fir you well, look to see what others are saying about their mid- or low-rise jeans in the reviews.

PureWow Reader Favorite

1. Everlane Curvy Way-High Skinny Jeans


  • Size Range: 23 to 35
  • Fabric Composition: 55 percent organic cotton, 25 percent viscose, 18 percent recycled polyester, 2 percent elastane
  • Pros: two inseam lengths offered, partially made from recycled materials, under $100
  • Cons: reviews suggest this style runs small

These jeans are some of the highest rated we’ve ever seen specifically for women with big butts and smaller waists. They’re part of Everlane’s Curve collection which was specifically designed for hourglass body shapes by adding more room in the hips and rear while keeping the waistband the same. “I’ve always had a difficult time shopping for jeans due to my waist-ti-hip ratio, but the Everlane Curvy jeans fit me perfectly,” raves one reviewer. “I did need to go up one size, but the proportions were still just right; no gaping in the waist band and no extra tightness on the hips” Indeed, multiple reviewers suggest they were more comfortable going up one size from their usual, but there were virtually none who found that that produced a gap in the waistband.

Budget Friendly

2. Old Navy Curvy OG Straight Jeans

Old Navy

  • Size Range: 00 to 30, also Tall and Petite
  • Fabric Composition: 94 percent cotton, 5 percent recycled cotton, 1 percent spandex
  • Pros: wide size range, three inseam lengths offered, under $50
  • Cons: waistband has very little stretch

If you’re not looking to invest too much in your denim, Old Navy makes phenomenal jeans almost all of which are under 50 bucks. This includes its Curvy selection specially designed with figures like yours in mind. We love that they come in such a wide size range, plus there are three inseam lengths to choose from—28 inches for regular, 26 inches for petite or 32 inches for tall. To accommodate a fuller rear, Old Navy added two inches of material at the hips and removed two inches from the waistband for sizes 00 through 14, and added 3/4 inches to the hips for sizes 16 and up, while removing 1/2 inch from the waistband. The result is a pair of jeans that hugs you just so in all the right places. Reviewers note that there is very little stretch in the waistband, so be sure to doublecheck the size chart before you add to cart.

Mom Jeans

3. Abercrombie & Fitch Curve Love Mom Jeans

Abercrombie & Fitch

  • Size Range: 23 to 37, also Extra Short, Short, Long and Extra Long
  • Fabric Composition: 99 percent cotton, 1 percent elastane
  • Pros: five inseam lengths offered, reportedly run true to size
  • Cons: Abercrombie & Fitch tends to sell out quickly

Abercrombie & Fitch is another popular pick for curve-friendly jeans and makes all its denim styles in both straight and curvy cuts. The Curve Love styles all feature an additional two inches of fabric in the hips and thighs. The also come in five different inseam lengths—extra short, short, regular, long and extra long—to ensure you won’t have to do any hemming, no matter your height. “These jeans fit perfect,” writes one reviewer. “They are so comfortable and have immediately become one of my favorite pairs of jeans. They are definitely a closet staple piece!” Another raved about how comfortable the material is. “The fabric has enough stretch to move around when you sit or kneel, but it still is somewhat rigid and it keeps its form and makes my booty look great.” Just be sure to pick up the wash you like when you can, as A&F tends to sell out fairly quickly.

Straight Leg

4. Good American Good Curve Straight Jeans

Good American

  • Size Range: 00 to 30
  • Fabric Composition: 69 percent cotton, 30 percent lyocell, 1 percent elastane
  • Pros: Black-owned brand, reportedly fit true to size, denim is very soft
  • Cons: may be too short for tall women

When she first launched Good American in 2016, Khloé Kardashian was subject to the typical skepticism of a celebrity launching their own fashion line. The general public wondered, what does she know about designing jeans? Well, as it turns out, she and co-founder Emma Grede know a whole lot about creating denim that looks trendy and actually fits a wide variety of body types. As a member of the big booty community herself, Kardashian has designed a number of styles that specifically address the issues that confound those with big butts (i.e., gaping waistbands, pulling at the back and hips, etc.), including the Good Curve collection. This particular pair has phenomenal reviews, with most saying they found these jeans run true to size. Per one reviewer, “The cut is great, the fabric has a good weight to it and is butter soft with just the right amount of stretch.”

Skinny Leg

5. Levi’s 721 Skinny Jeans


  • Size Range: 23 to 34
  • Fabric Composition: 97 percent cotton, 3 percent elastane
  • Pros: four inseam lengths offered, reportedly run true to size, under $100
  • Cons: reportedly some inconsistency in sizing between different washes

Not every style made by this classic denim purveyor will work for those with big butts, and you may need to try on a few different pairs to see what works well for you. However, the 721 has a flattering high waist designed to nip in a bit at your middle, and has a higher percentage of elastane in the denim blend (a major plus for curvy figures) to hug your hips without gapping the back. “So comfy,” writes one reviewer, “and flattering for us hippy women. The high waist is comfortable, the stretch is great but not too much.” Most reviewers suggest these run true to size, but we suggest confirming with the size chart to avoid having to make annoying returns.

Rigid Cotton

6. Everlane Curvy ‘90s Cheeky Jeans


  • Size Range: 23 to 33
  • Fabric Composition: 100 percent organic cotton
  • Pros: two inseam lengths offered, made using sustainable and eco-friendly methods and materials, won’t stretch or bag over time
  • Cons: denim has no stretch

Another popular Everlane style, the ‘90s Cheeky jean is designed to have a vintage appeal with pockets specifically placed to give your booty a little boost. Like all of Everlane’s Curvy jeans, the hip-to-waist ratio has been adjusted to better fit your curves, which is doubly important for this pair because it’s made from rigid organic cotton. Normally we’d advise skipping these for something with a hint of stretch, but the rave reviews convinced us otherwise. “I’m typically anti-structured (non-stretch) denim, but these jeans are ,” reads one review. “No waist gap, perfect through hips and thighs.” Because raw denim doesn’t really stretch much over time (or when you’re pulling them on), we suggest confirming with the size chart, or possibly even chatting with an Everlane rep, before you order.

  • Size Range: 23 to 33
  • Fabric Composition: 98 percent cotton, 2 percent elastane
  • Pros: flattering cut, reportedly don’t bag out in the knees
  • Cons: available only online

White jeans can be very tricky to get just right—super-tight skinnies are not very flattering and look very 2002, and flares or wide-leg cuts give off major ABBA vibes. But a roomy straight-leg feels modern and cool, in addition to being universally flattering. This Madewell pair also get the big booty stamp of approval as part of the brand’s Curvy line which features “a narrower waist with a contoured band, a longer rise and a little extra room at the hips and thighs.” And despite that 2 percent elastane, the material has the rigid-yet-comfortable feel of vintage denim. “These jeans are amazing!” says one shopper. “They provide perfect balance to my body, cinch me in all the perfect spots, don’t stretch out into a new size, and yet are still very stretchy and breathable.”

Wide-Leg Silhouette

8. Old Navy Curvy Wide-Leg Jeans

Old Navy

  • Size Range: 00 to 30, also Tall and Petite
  • Fabric Composition: 69 percent cotton, 24 percent lyocell, 6 percent recycled cotton, 1 percent Lycra
  • Pros: come in three inseam lengths, wide size range, under $50
  • Cons: available in only one wash

For those who like a wide-leg look, this Old Navy pair gets the proportions just right with extra room in the hips, a nipped in waist and just the right amount of flare along the legs. It also comes in both tall and petite lengths to better keep those proportions in check for gals over 5’10” and under 5’3” respectively. Reviews suggest these run true to size, however, with an extra high rise, these may not be the right fit for anyone with a short torso. “These pants were everything I wanted,” gushes one reviewer. “The weren't too short, and they fit my curves like a dream. I always struggle with gapping even with some curvy.”

Greatest Number of Washes

9. Abercrombie & Fitch Curve Love ‘90s Straight Jeans

Abercrombie & Fitch

  • Size Range: 23 to 37
  • Fabric Composition: 99 percent cotton, 1 percent elastane
  • Pros: lots of wash and color options, five inseam lengths offered, under $100
  • Cons: reportedly some inconsistency in sizing between different washes

For a trendy ‘90s inspired fit—higher rise with a looser leg that isn’t quite a baggy skater jean—you’d be hard pressed to find a better pair than this Abercrombie & Fitch jean. It has tons of reviews with women calling out just how flattering the fit is and praising the fact that there are so many inseam lengths to choose from. According to reviews, these hold their shape really well throughout the day and over multiple wears. Per one reviewer, “These fit super well! The denim is also super comfy—I can run up the stairs and eat a big dinner and still don’t feel constricted.”

Jegging Fit

10. American Eagle Ne(x) Level Jeggings

American Eagle

  • Size Range: 000 to 20
  • Fabric Composition: 71 percent cotton, 26 percent recycled polyester, 3 percent elastane
  • Pros: five inseam lengths offered for sizes 6 to 14, three inseam lengths offered for sizes 000 to 4 and 16 to 20, under $50
  • Cons: American Eagle jeans tend to sell out often

American Eagle is one of our absolute favorite denim brands for just about all body types. There are so many silhouettes to choose from, and almost every one of them comes in size 000 through 24 with five different lengths (x-short, short, regular, long and x-long). The Curve collection is specifically made for those who want or need more room in the seat, hip and thigh and all are cut with a high waist that will accentuate your frame. These sleek jeggings are made with the brand’s proprietary Ne(x) Level stretch denim, described as the “softest, stretchiest, never-loses-its-shape denim.” Those two features combined ensure this style will hug you in all the right places, never digging in or gaping, and will continue to fit beautifully time and time again. The AE site also includes a set of graphics that outlines seven key features (stretch, rise, support, bounce back, waistband and whether they’re curve- or environmentally-friendly) so you’ll never be left guessing.

Greatest Size Range

11. Universal Standard Seine Skinny Jeans

Universal Standard

  • Size Range: 00 to 40
  • Fabric Composition: 73 percent cotton, 23 percent polyester, 4 percent elastane
  • Pros: three inseam lengths offered, two rises offered, lots of wash and color options, under $100
  • Cons: reportedly run a little large

Universal Standard is all about creating clothing to fit every body, so you better believe they have jeans for women with big bums, too. Simply put, “There is absolutely no waist gap, they hug all my curves and they are so comfortable,” per one happy shopper. These best-selling skinnies comes in three different inseam lengths with two rises to choose from, so you can find the extra right measurements to fit your frame. And the denim itself has quite a bit of stretch to ensure no gapping or bagging at your waist, hips or knees. Reviewers report that, even with all that stretch, these jeans won’t warp or lose their shape over time. It seems these jeans do run a tad large, so if you’re between sizes you may want to opt for the smaller.

Baggy Silhouette

12. ASOS Hourglass Dad Jeans


  • Size Range: 24 to 36
  • Fabric Composition: 100 percent cotton
  • Pros: under $50, trendy silhouette, reportedly run true to size
  • Cons: denim has little to no stretch

Baggy jeans and loose silhouettes have been trending for some time now, but not just any oversize pair will do. We still want our bums to look good and to not feel the urge to continuously pull up the waistband on our jeans. Enter, ASOS Hourglass jeans. This line of denim adjusts the hip-to-waist ratio to better fit hourglass figures without sacrificing style. There are plenty of timeless styles to shop as well, but we love this high-rise Dad jean as a trendier addition to your wardrobe. Reviewers note that although the material has very little stretch, these jeans seem to run true to size.


13. Madewell Curvy Perfect Vintage Jeans


  • Size Range: 23 to 33, also 14W to 28W, Petite and Tall
  • Fabric Composition: 99 percent cotton, 1 percent elastane
  • Pros: three inseam lengths offered, made in Fair Trade Certified factories
  • Cons: reportedly runs a bit large

For those who like the look of rigid vintage denim, but prefer the feel of materials with a bit more stretch, this best-selling Madewell style is definitely worth checking out. There are multiple washes to choose from, but we’re partial to this washed black for something a bit dressier than your average blue jeans. Like all of Madewell’s Curvy jeans, the ratio of the hips and waist have been adjusted to give you more room in the booty without pinching or gaping in the waistband, however reviews suggest sizing down by one to get your ideal fit. “These are exactly what I was looking for,” notes one reviewer, “high waist, comfortable (not tight) fit and very flattering to the backside! The curvy cut is awesome, plenty of room for my athletic butt and thighs but no gap at the waist. They fit just right and feel great.”

Shaping Technology

14. Levi’s 314 Shaping Skinny Jeans


  • Size Range: 24 to 34
  • Fabric Composition: 60 percent cotton, 23 percent EcoVero viscose, 16 percent polyester, 1 percent elastane
  • Pros: have built-in shaping technology, four inseam lengths offered, lots of washes and colors, under $100
  • Cons: reportedly some inconsistency in sizing between different washes

Like the above Levi’s 721 jeans, the 314 style has ample stretch and tapers in at the waist, this time with more of a mid rise. They also have a built-in tummy shaping panel to help smooth your silhouette without feeling overly tight or constricting. Per one reviewer, “These jeans have just enough give to make them comfortable, retain their shape and make my assets look great. I have a small waist but a little extra in the hip and thigh, and these are a great fit. They stretch and move with you so they are wonderful to wear all day long.” Plus, there are four different inseam lengths to choose from, so even the most petite shoppers won’t have to swing by the tailor to have them hemmed.

Trendiest Silhouette

15. Old Navy Curvy Straight Workwear Jeans

Old Navy

  • Size Range: 00 to 30, also Petite and Tall
  • Fabric Composition: 94 percent cotton, 5 percent recycled cotton, 1 percent spandex
  • Pros: three inseam lengths offered, under $50, extra buckle at the back of the waistband
  • Cons: come in only one wash

We love these straight-leg jeans which nod to one of the biggest pant trends of the year—cargo pants—without being too on the nose, so you‘ll still able to wear them even after a new trend comes onto the scene. The back pockets have a fun seam detailing and there’s a lower side pocket, both of which nod to cargo styling. But perhaps our favorite detail is the adjustable buckle at the back of the waistband. Because these jeans are part of Old Navy’s Curvy collection, they have already been cut to nip in at the waist while giving you some extra wiggle room in the booty, but that buckle gives you even more control over the fit of the waistband—all while looking pretty darn cute, too. Reviews rave about how comfortable this style is, with lots of folks commenting on the weight of the material which they describe as a sort of Goldilocks-level—not too heavy, but not too thin.

Innovative Sizing

16. Good American Always Fits Straight Jeans

Good American

  • Size Range: 00-4 to 28-32
  • Fabric Composition: 81.5 percent cotton, 5 percent recycled cotton, 4.5 percent Elasterel-P, 5 percent recycled polyester, 4 percent elastane
  • Pros: flattering high rise, innovative stretch technology
  • Cons: high price point

The idea behind Good American’s Always Fits collection is to allow shoppers to buy one pair of jeans that will continue to fit even as their weight fluctuates throughout the years. Each “size” is actually four sizes in one, a feat achieved by weaving a four-way stretch denim that can adjust when needed without losing its shape over time. We’ll admit, we were pretty skeptical at first, but plenty of reviewers say these jeans truly live up to the hype. One reviewer writes, “I am on the bigger end of the 14-18 size and so was sure they’d be too snug, but I had the opposite experience! The minute I put these on the fit my body immediately. I swear, they have magical powers.” Others note that the fit is intended to be quite snug, a true skinny jean. Rachel Torgerson, Fashion Features Director at Cosmopolitan, says, “If find yourself eyeing two different size categories, I’d go larger. The denim is so stretchy that it most likely wouldn’t gape at the back or look saggy. If you went with the smaller option, you’d still fit totally fine, but depending on the shape of your body, certain areas (for me, it was the waist) could feel tight.”

Custom Sizing

17. Sene True Mom Jeans


  • Size Range: custom
  • Fabric Composition: 98 percent cotton, 2 percent polyurethane
  • Pros: each pair is made using custom measurements, lots of wash and color options, 100 percent money back guarantee within 30 days
  • Cons: made to order so takes longer to ship

If you’re willing to invest a little extra, Sene can make you your very own custom pair of jeans specific to your exact measurements. Yup, you choose the rise, the inseam and the style—mom jeans, skinnies, straight-leg, etc. There are two ways to enter your fit details, either by answering a few questions in the Smart Fit Quiz or by finding and entering all your measurements alongside a handy how-to video. Once your unique jeans arrive, you have 30 days to test them out and request either alterations or a full refund, free of charge. Of course, because each pair is made to order, they’ll take a bit longer to arrive in your mailbox, but for a pair of jeans perfectly fit to your exact requirements is well worth the wait, in our opinion.

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