The 30 Best Halloween Face Masks That Won’t Clash with Your Costume

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Halloween 2021 is just around the corner, but much like last year, trick-or-treating is going to look a little different this year. Struggling with the logistics of planning the holiday festivities without straying from the current CDC masking guidelines? Good news: There’s an abundance of Halloween face masks on the market that kids and adults alike can wear to stay safe from COVID-19, without sacrificing the aesthetic of a super cool costume. From skeleton to disco queen, and everything in between, here are our top picks.

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best halloween face masks iheartraves creepy skeleton face mask

1. Iheartraves Creepy Skeleton Face Mask

Best for skeleton costumes

Mask up with this balaclava, which features breathable, stretchy fabric for extra comfort and a creepy skull print that’s just right for the occasion. Pair this number with a skeleton bodysuit and you’ve got yourself a complete costume. Easy peasy.

best halloween face masks qnswife 5 pack jack o lantern masks

2. Qnswife 5-pack Jack-o-lantern Masks

Best pumpkin face mask

Whether you plan on suiting up as a pumpkin from head to toe, or simply want to accessorize your everyday look with a festive face mask, this assortment of adjustable jack-o-lantern masks, which includes 10 filters for extra protection, has got you covered.

best halloween face masks magicsquirrel 5 pack scary halloween masks

3. Magicsquirrel 5-pack Scary Halloween Masks

Best scary variety pack

Here, a variety pack that includes five different styles, ranging from slightly sinister to downright terrifying. Needless to say, these masks make it possible to transform yourself into any number of seriously scary characters—werewolf, serial killer, what have you. Best of all, these soft fabric masks come complete with air filters, adjustable earpieces and a nose clamp to ensure a snug fit.

best halloween face masks heiyoung scary clown mask

4. Heiyoung Scary Clown Mask

Best creepy clown mask

If Stephen King’s It is the inspiration for your Halloween costume this year, this is the face mask for you. The mask has a built-in pouch for the two included air filters and is designed to be both lifelike and easy to wear. Complete the look with some white face paint, a red wig and a frilly, Victorian clown costume and you’ll be the stuff of nightmares this Halloween.

best halloween face masks lolong day of the dead neck gaiter

5. Lolong Day Of The Dead Neck Gaiter

Best for Day of the Dead costumes

This neck gaiter is like a face bandana, but with better coverage—and it’s soft, stretchy construction makes it suitable for juniors and adults alike. Plus, the Dios de los Muertos aesthetic is to die for, don’t you think?

best halloween face masks bloch soft stretch reusable black face mask

6. Bloch Soft Stretch Reusable Black Face Mask

Most versatile mask

Isn’t this just a regular face mask, you ask? Well, yes, it is—but that’s why it’s particularly versatile. This dual-layer, stretchy face mask boasts a snug fit and soft feel and can be used with cat or ninja costumes, as well as any other get-up that includes the color black. Plus, if you’re feeling artistic, you can even use fabric paint pens for a customized look.

best halloween face masks jack skellington nightmare before christmas mask
Red Bubble

7. Jack Skellington ‘nightmare Before Christmas’ Mask

Best for Tim Burton fans

Fans of Tim Burton’s dark fantasy The Nightmare Before Christmas might consider dressing up as Jack Skellington this year. If that’s your jam, this double-layer, adjustable mask, featuring the Halloweentown hero’s signature skeleton smile, will certainly fit the bill.

best halloween face masks dermstore disposable blue surgeon mask

8. Dermstore Disposable Blue ‘surgeon’ Mask

Another everyday mask with Halloween potential, these surgical masks can be used in combination with your run-of-the-mill sexy nurse costume, or to accessorize a sadistic dentist ensemble, a la Steve Martin’s character in Little Shop of Horrors.

best halloween face masks hocus pocus sanderson sister mask
Red Bubble

9. ‘hocus Pocus’ Sanderson Sister Mask

Best for a little hocus pocus

In case you missed it, Disney’s Hocus Pocus is a Halloween flick with a cult following—namely because of the outlandish trio of evil witches known as the Sanderson sisters. Fans of the film will be pleased to know that this mask will turn you into a creepy, buck-toothed Bette Midler (i.e., Winifred Sanderson) in the blink of an eye.

best halloween face masks home alone marv screaming wet bandit mask
Red Bubble

10. ‘home Alone’ Marv Screaming (wet Bandit) Mask

Best for Wet Bandits

Sure, fans of the 90s hit Home Alone can opt for a Kevin McAllister costume instead, but we think a screaming Marv with a tarantula on his face is a better fit for Halloween. (And, yep, there’s a mask for that.)

best halloween face masks redrum overlook hotel carpet the shining mask
Red Bubble

11. Redrum Overlook Hotel Carpet The Shining Mask

Best for classic horror film buffs

The iconic pattern on this mask will be familiar to anyone who has seen Stanley Kubrik’s The Shining. Needless to say, it’s a perfect complement to any costume that emulates one of the many creepy characters from the film.

best halloween face masks shrek mask
Red Bubble

12. ‘shrek’ Mask

Best for ogres

Go green and dress up as everyone’s favorite ogre this Halloween—just be sure to complete the costume with this adjustable, spandex Shrek mask to get the full effect (and the necessary protection).

best halloween face masks witch face mask

13. Witch Face Mask

Best for basic witches

It doesn’t get much easier than a simple witch costume, especially when you’re equipped with a mask that boasts all the necessary features—green skin, hook nose and, of course, the obligatory wart. Bonus: The smiling face here makes this disguise a little more kid-friendly than some of the creepier options around.

best halloween face masks scarecrow mask

14. Scarecrow Mask

An excellent option for any scarecrow costume, be it generic or Wizard of Oz-inspired, this basic mask is more cute than spooky. That said, scarecrows who do have a brain might consider doubling up with a mask underneath—this number doesn’t have a built-in nose wire, so it might be a little loosey goosey on its own.

best halloween face masks clueless scrunchie and mask set

15. ‘clueless’ Scrunchie And Mask Set

Best for fashionistas

We’re like, totally butt crazy in love with this scrunchie and mask set—and chances are, Clueless fans will feel the same. Channel your inner Cher with this matchy-matchy accessory set, which boasts the same tartan pattern that the famous valley girl rocked in the cult favorite film, and you’ve got the makings of an oh-so stylish Halloween ensemble.

best halloween face masks ghostbusters face mask

16. ‘ghostbusters’ Face Mask

Best classic costume

Score a beige jumpsuit and proton backpack, mask up with this protective face covering…and voila, you’re ready to fight all the specters on Halloween night. (Haunted houses be damned!)

best halloween face masks ursula halloween face mask

17. Ursula Halloween Face Mask

Best Disney villain costume

Some purple face paint and this breathable, fabric mask—complete with nose wire and filter pocket—are the only things you need to transform yourself into Ursula, the deliciously evil (and voluptuous) sea witch from the Little Mermaid. (Well, from neck up, at least.)

best halloween face masks delta airlines logo mask
Red Bubble

18. Delta Airlines Logo Mask

Best for aspiring flight attendants

It’s probably been a while since you traveled anywhere, but you can keep the dream alive this Halloween by suiting up in your best flight attendant outfit. Here, a Delta airlines logo mask for a finishing touch.

best halloween face masks rocky horror mouth mask
Red Bubble

19. Rocky Horror Mouth Mask

Best for nostalgic parents

So you want to be one of the cool kids on the block with a Rocky Horror Picture Show costume? You should definitely go for it, especially since you can achieve Tim Curry’s iconic red lip with this mask. (Hint: It will save you time and money on makeup, while keeping you safe to boot.)

best halloween face masks red lipstick mask

20. Red Lipstick Mask

Best for pin-ups

The bold red lip you see here is hand-embroidered onto a cotton gauze mask that’s designed to fit most face shapes and sizes. Wear this one for any costume that requires a dose of old Hollywood glamour.

best halloween face masks studded steampunk mask

21. Studded Steampunk Mask

Best for punks

Burning Man festival goer, late 70s punk rocker or perhaps something kinkier—this riveted pleather gem has plenty of potential, so it’s really up to you. No matter the costume you choose, you’ll appreciate the fact that this one looks a lot tougher than it feels on your face.

best halloween face masks hannibal lecter mask

22. Hannibal Lecter Mask

Best serial killer mask

Hungry for something a little scarier? Look no further than this Hannibal Lecter mask, which promises to turn you into the spitting image of the famed and fearsome (and fictional) cannibalistic serial killer.

best halloween face masks 70s candy stripe mask

23. 70s Candy Stripe Mask

Best for a 70s throwback

Dazed and Confused, Almost Famous, That 70s Show—there is no shortage of pop culture references from which to draw inspiration this Halloween. Bottom line: When it comes to 70s era ensembles, this stripey retro mask has got you covered.

best halloween face masks rainbow sprinkles face mask

24. Rainbow Sprinkles Face Mask

Best for a sweet tooth

If you’re looking for a costume that reflects your fondness for sweets (think: ice cream cone, cupcake, cookie, etc.), you might benefit from this number—a rainbow sprinkle mask, which features a photorealistic graphic that’s, well, good enough to eat.

best halloween face masks black velvet roses face mask

25. Black Velvet Roses Face Mask

Best for goths

We’re loving the Victorian Gothic vibe of this rose-printed, velvet mask. (Interview with a Vampire, anyone?) Of course, we’re also sold on the luxe, breathable fabric and adjustable ear straps, which offer protection without sacrificing comfort.

best halloween face masks wednesday addams socially distant face mask

26. Wednesday Addams ‘socially Distant’ Face Mask

Best Addams family homage

We may never be as cool as Christina Ricci as Wednesday Addams, but the dream lives on this Halloween. Rehearse your resting bitch face, braid your hair and don this mask for a costume that’s better than the rest.

best halloween face masks glow in the dark ghosts mask

27. Glow In The Dark Ghosts Mask

Best for kids

When it comes to little kids, you needn’t get too fancy trying to find a corresponding mask for their costume. Instead, opt for something that’s comfy, festive, and boasts the novelty of cute glow-in-the-dark ghosties.

best halloween face masks harry potter face masks

28. Harry Potter Face Masks

Best for Harry Potter fans

Are you a Gryffindor or a Slytherin? One thing’s for sure—if you’re a Harry Potter fan you’ll have no trouble answering that question. Don a mask from your favorite Hogwarts house and the rest of your costume will come together, magic?

best halloween face masks mermaid scales face mask

29. Mermaid Scales Face Mask

Best for mermaids (or mermen!)

The metallic, sparkling scales of this mermaid mask are sure to make a splash when paired with any sea-themed ensemble. Plus, the included filters, adjustable ear loops, and nose clip on this number guarantee that it will stay in place and keep you safe, no matter what your evening holds.

best halloween face masks disposable gold face masks

30. Disposable Gold Face Masks

Best glam mask

If you’re going for Studio 54 vibes, these shiny numbers have your back. Don’t limit yourself, though: These disposable masks can pair well with a whole host of costumes—Diana Ross, Bowie, Blondie and Beyonce, to name a few—so it’s pretty hard to go wrong.

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