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Spring is officially here: The birds are chirping; the rosé is flowing; the emergency pedicures are being scheduled. You need a good pair of sunnies to take you through it all. But before you shell out on anything new, make sure you’re buying with your particular face shape in mind.

sunglasses olivia
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The ever-striking Olivia Wilde knows that it’s best to create balance when your face is all angles. Look for rounded sunglasses to soften sharp jaws. But don’t worry if you’re not into perfectly circular frames--any curved edge will do.

sunglasses mirand
Jun Sato/Getty Images

If your face is round, go for square Frames

Yes, she’s a supermodel and can pull off pretty much anything she wants, but Miranda Kerr wisely adds definition to the curves of her cheeks with sunglasses that are sharper in structure.


If your face is heart-shaped, go for Downward-Sloped Frames

If you can look past her absurdly cute son, you’ll see that Reese Witherspoon totally nails the glasses game. With a wider forehead and narrower jawline, she opts for styles that mimic her face shape, sloping down from a wider top. (She’s never not in a Wayfarer or aviator.)

sunglasses sjp
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If your face is long, go for Wide Frames

Did you ever see Carrie Bradshaw in a tiny pair of shades? No. SJP balances the length of her face by wearing sunglasses that span the entire width of her face. This ear-to-ear coverage creates symmetry and also allows for total sun protection. Double score.

sunglasses beyonce
Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

If your face is oval, go for Basically Any Frames

You lucky duck. Ladies with oval-shaped faces like Beyoncé's can wear pretty much any silhouette, as long as it’s proportional to their face size. So, if you’ve got delicate features, it’s best to stay away from Olsen-sized specs. Other than that, get creative, girl.

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