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You’re a fashionable lady. So you know that a flash of forearm is both slimming and stylish (and the secret weapon of all put-together women). But what about those times when your sleeves just won’t stay rolled up and you, instead, spend all day futzing with a shirt cuff? If you’re tired of constantly having to push up your sleeves, read on. We have an idea.

What you need: Two fabric hair ties and your loose-fitting top.

What you do:
Place a hair tie over the cuff of your sleeve and push it up to your desired position around your elbow. Then, fold the excess fabric over to conceal the tie and tuck it back under the tie. Repeat on the other side.

Why it works: A hair tie has just enough elastic hold to keep your sleeves in place, right where you want them. And being that you’re using fabric ties (and not, say, rubber bands), they won’t cut off your arm circulation. They’ll just be your little secret.

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