Unicorn Cakes Do Exist and They're Downright Whimsical and Adorable

Naked cakes, we love you. But we’re having way too much fun dressing you up. From geodes to watercolor, there are some delightful things happening out there in the cake world. But nothing is more whimsical than an enchanted, edible horse. See for yourself with these 12 completely magical (and delicious) unicorn cakes.

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The Winged Unicorn

Well, she has to fly, doesn’t she?

Bright And Playful

Like an edible cartoon.

unicorn 3

The Figurative Unicorn

It’s like Dalí baked it.

unicorn 4

Bold Simplicity

Speak softly and carry a big horn.

The Duo

Because the first cake was getting lonely.

Dusty Pink

It’s the color of the year, after all.

The Angelic Pastry

Us: Did it hurt?
Cake: When?
Us: When you fell from heaven.

Gold And Pink Accents

Now that’s a flower crown.

The Epic Pony Tail

Sorry, we mean uni tail.

Anime Unicorn

Can we keep her? Please?

Elegant And Chic

Aka the sophisticated version you didn’t know you needed.


Oh, look! They multiplied. That means we can have three, right?


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