Cat Owners, You Don't Want to Miss This Litter Robot Sale

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When TikTok is obsessed with something, it's usually a total hit or miss. In this case, the Litter Robot's automatic self-cleaning litter box is a hit (just see for yourself). Indeed, the litter box is designed to take care of your pet’s business for you…a major win if you ask us.

We’ve personally tried Whisker’s Litter-Robot 4 and were very impressed with the real-time notifications it sent us through the app, which included intel on our cat's weight, how full the waste drawer was and how high the litter level reached. Most impressively, we noticed how quietly the machine automatically scooped poop.

All this to say, we couldn't keep the Litter Robot Black Friday Sale—the brand's sale of the year—to ourselves, since it features the lowest prices on Litter Robots (starting at $574 from $649), Feeder Robots, furniture, subscriptions, bundles and more. Better yet, the discounts are available while supplies last, although we highly suggest you order items now if you want them to arrive around Christmas. (The Litter Robot takes five to seven weeks to ship.)

But how does this thing work, you ask? Well, Litter Robots have a unique litter-sifting technology that rotates and drops cat poop into a waste bin at the bottom of the machine, so you don't have to scoop or rake. Just dump the bag (it will alert you when to do this) and the optional OdorTrap system reduces and neutralizes odors while providing a clean bed of litter each time your cat does their business. And the setup? Took us ten minutes.

One buyer on the Litter Robot site raves, "It's been about four weeks of having the Litter Robot 4, and overall I am very pleased. It works great. It's very, very quiet (it's quieter than a fan on low). My two young cats love it. Zero time getting used to it. In fact, they treat it as a TV screen (they like to watch it cycle and then climb in mid-way and go to the bathroom again). The only time it smells is right when the cats use it. Then after it cycles, the smell is gone."

Right now, the Litter Robot 3 and 4 bundles are on sale, and the main difference is that you'll get better odor control, app tracking and quieter cycling with the 4. They also differ in size (Litter Robot 3 is 29.9 inches tall and 24.25 inches wide with a 10.25-inch by 15.25-inch entryway, whereas the 4 is 29. iinches tall and 22 inches wide, with a bigger 15.75-inch by 15.75-inch entryway). So take your pick, but you can't go wrong with either option, especially since they all come with an extended three-year warranty.

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