You just celebrated your first/15th/50th wedding anniversary. Huzzah! Here are six signs you have a strong marriage.

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1. You Fight Regularly But Don't Resort to Name-Calling

As crazy as it sounds, hashing things out and embracing conflict is a good thing. In fact, according to studies, it’s actually healthier to speak your mind than let differences of opinion—like, say, your varying approaches to chores—slide. But here’s the catch: You have to fight fair, meaning no name-calling or personal attacks. (Yes, even if you hate that shirt.)


2. Your Friends Are Always Excited When He Tags Along

He remembers their names and references small details about their lives that he learned from past hangouts. He’ll even jump in on girl talk and weigh in on Jane’s Tinder horror stories. Swoon.


3. You Can Both Name Three Things You've Learned From Each Other In 30 Seconds (or Less)

He taught you that amazing veggie stir-fry recipe. You taught him how to extend the battery life on his phone. Whatever the knowledge, what matters is that you are both better people because of it—and don’t mind giving credit where credit is due.


4. You Plan Solo Nights In—and Out

Having a solid relationship means you don’t sweat it when one of you goes out without the other. Ditto for staying in: Because sometimes, when you’re married (read: living together) forever, the most cherished nights are when you can temporarily claim the couch (and TV) for yourself.


5. You're Chill About Discussing the Bills

Money...eek. It’s one of the toughest relationship conversations ever. Again, you don’t always have to agree, but you have to be able to talk about things like mortgage payments and your emergency-savings status like the mature adults that you are. (We repeat, no name-calling!)

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6. You Put Each Other to Bed

He’s a night owl, you fall asleep on the couch. Even if you don’t hit the hay at the same time, it’s a sign of a strong marriage that when one of you nods off early, the other sees to it that, at the end of the night, you end up comfortably tucked into bed together.

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