Pumpkin Carving Is the Tie-Dye of Fall—Here Are 10 Kits to Get Started

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If spring taught us anything, it’s that we all love a good craft moment. Tie-dye kits sold out everywhere by mid-April and left most of us waiting weeks for an Amazon restock. That’s why we’re hopping on the bandwagon early this fall with pumpkin carving kits. Here are ten to shop before they inevitably sell out.

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1. Pumpkin Masters Carving Kit

Best for Bob Ross types

This carving kit is truly the only thing you need (aside from well, pumpkins). It includes 12 different patterns to follow, three saws, one dril and one scraper tool to remove all the seeds and pulp.

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2. Pumpkin Punchers Pumpkin Carving Kit For Kids

Best for young kids

If your kid isn’t old enough to wield a knife, these pumpkin cutting stencils are a safe alternative. Let them mix and match the 31 different shapes and help them push each into the skin, punching out the shape. Ta da!

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3. Augsun Wood Carving Knife Set

Best for intricate detailing

True, this set of chisels was made for wood carving, but that means they work extra well on a soft pumpkin. With 10 different shapes and sizes, you can create some interesting shadows and line work with minimal effort.

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4. Elmchee Halloween Jack-o-lantern Carving Kit, 13 Piece

Best all-in-one

For tools that last more than a season, look to this 13-piece jack-o-lantern carving kit. It features everything you need like scoops, saws and fine-point tools, plus it comes with its own convenient carrying case for easy storage. Warning: the tools are extra sharp and sturdy, so keep an eye on the kids while they’re using them (or just designate them for the adults).

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5. Skinosm Pumpkin Carving Kit For Kids

Best kids’ option for the price

When the kids are ready to try carving for themselves, the safe plastic blades in this kit won’t cause any harm. From saws and drills to pokers for detail work, they’ll have fun creating a design all their own (and on their own). This bundle even includes two LED lights to place inside for a safe alternative to candles.

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6. Dakota Products Pg001 Pumpkin Gutter & Carving Tool

Best for doing the dirty work quickly

Everyone can agree that the most labor-intensive part of pumpkin carving is removing the guts. Unless you have this handy drill attachment. Turn on the drill and it spins at a high speed (like a blender) to loosen all the pulp and thin out the pumpkin’s walls to make carving easier.

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7. Messermeister Pro-touch Plus Pumpkin Scraper

Best for doing the dirty work by hand

Don’t want to get the drill involved? This pumpkin scraper gets the job done, albeit manually. Thanks to its sharp knife edge and serrated side (note: probably not a task for the kids), it easily detaches the strings and seeds, while also thinning out the sides of the pumpkin for easier carving.

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8. Pumpkin Masters Power Saw

Best for those with limited patience

The fastest way to carve a pumpkin? With this battery-operated power saw. The handle is shaped to fit perfectly in your palm for maximum control—just turn it on and trace your stencil without all the extra effort of manually sawing back and forth.

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9. Pumpkin Masters Kid's Fright Lights

Best carve-less project

This toddler-friendly kit doesn’t involve any knives whatsoever—just colored pegs similar to an old school Light Bright. Just let them pop them into the pumpkin wherever they so please, then place the LED light inside to illuminate their designs.

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10. Pumpkin Masters Jack-o-lantern Teeth Kit

Best for toddlers

Just like the above pegs, these Jack-O-Lantern teeth don’t require any tools to place. Simply carve an open mouth in the pumpkin before handing decorating duty off to the kids.

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