60 Names That Mean Spring to Celebrate the Season of Birth

April, May, June and Aviv

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Winter is starting to thaw and you’re about to burst ‘cause the spring bun in your oven is just about ready to meet the world. Review your birth plan, pack your hospital bag and spend your downtime reviewing our list of baby names that mean spring so that when your bundle of joy arrives, you’ll be prepared with a moniker that celebrates the season and their spirit.

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Baby Boy Names That Mean Spring

1. Wesley

Soft and sophisticated—Wesley is a masculine name of English origin with a nature-inspired and topographical meaning of “western meadow.”

2. Elio

Elio is a masculine name with Latin, Spanish and Italian origins that means “sun.”

3. Haruki

Here, a popular Japanese name with a spot-on meaning of “spring child.”

4. Phoenix

This name of Greek and Latin origin has ties to the mythological bird that’s famously reborn from the ashes of purifying flames.

5. Neville

Neville is a masculine name of French origin that means “new town.”

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6. Pascal

This masculine name of Latin origin means “relating to Easter” and has ties to the Aramaic word for Passover as well.

7. Zenebe

This African boy’s name means “raining.” And April showers bring May flowers, you know.

8. Hawthorn

This strong British name for boys has a meaning that celebrates nature and fits the season: “where the hawthorn trees grow.”

9. Adam

The first ever man in the Hebrew and Christian Bibles, Adam is a timeless classic that symbolizes creation and means “son of red earth.”

10. Cruz

Meaning “cross,” this Portuguese boy’s name—originally a surname that has evolved into a given name—has religious connotations and obvious ties to Easter.

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11. Dennis

This oldie-but-goodie is begging for a comeback. It has Greek origins stemming from Dionysus, who was the mythological god of vegetation and fertility, and boatloads of vintage charm to boot.

12. Attwell

This topographical name for boys has Middle English origins and a pleasant, nature-inspired meaning of “by the spring or well.”

13. Wells

A shortened (and arguably cooler) version of Attwell with British origins and a similar meaning that relates to freshwater: “spring” or “well.”

14. Jay

Another moniker inspired by springtime avian life, Jay is a masculine name with Latin roots and meanings of “to rejoice” and “noisy, brightly colored bird.”

15. Mihir

This melodic Indian name for boys has a pleasant meaning of “sun rays” and “friend.” A pretty close match for the spring season, no?

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16. Gardner

No surprises here—this masculine given name and occupational surname of English, Scottish and Irish origin means “keeper of the garden.”

17. Maxwell

This moniker of Scottish origin means “great stream” and has great nickname potential to boot.

18. Samson

A Hebrew name with a lovely meaning of “like the sun,” making it pretty perfect for your spring babe.

19. Navin

Also spelled Naveen, this popular Hindi name means “new,” “young,” and “bright.”

20. Javier

Doesn’t everything just feel a little brighter and shinier come springtime? And that’s exactly why this name of Spanish origin is so fitting for a new season babe (it means “bright” and “shining”).

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21. Arki

For a name that’s just as unique as your kid, how about Arki? It’s Sanskrit name that means “sun.”

22. Forest

It’s no surprise that this name means “woodsman” or “woods” and it immediately makes us think of lush, green outdoors.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Spring

23. Brigid

This goddess from Irish mythology symbolizes fire, poetry and the end of winter.

24. Lily

A name of Latin origin meaning “pure” and the Easter flower of choice.

25. Florence

“Blossoming,” “flourishing” and “prospering” are the seasonally appropriate meanings of this name of Latin origin.

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26. Renata

A perfect representation of the spring season—”reborn” is the meaning of this feminine name of Latin origin.

27. Meadow

This sweet, feminine name of English and American origin has a straightforward meaning of “grass” that conjures the lush fields of springtime.

28. Daisy

In addition to being the name of a cheerful springtime flower, this feminine moniker of Old English origin boasts an oh-so sunny meaning of “day’s eye.”

29. Rose

This timeless name of Latin origin needs little explanation; it’s the beautiful blooming flower that signals romance is in the air.

30. Anastasia

“Resurrection” is the meaning of this melodic feminine moniker of Greek and Russian origin.

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31. April

The first full month of spring and a feminine name of Latin origin meaning “open.”

32. May

Another spring month and a feminine name of English, German and Sanskrit origin that boasts an energetic meaning of “to move, go.”

33. Susanna

A Scandinavian version of the Hebrew name Shoshannah. Take your pick—they both mean “lily.”

34. Nova

This fresh and modern-sounding name actually dates back to the 19th century when it caught on as a Scandinavian girl’s name. It has Latin origins, astronomical ties and a meaning of “new.”

35. Magnolia

This feminine name of Latin origin has plenty of Southern charm and refers to the namesake flower (and the sweet perfume of spring).

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36. Clover

“Meadow flower” is the meaning of this feminine name of British origin, which has a strong connection to St. Patrick’s Day and pretty much everything else related to the season.

37. Enfys

Pronounced EN-viss, this feminine name of Welsh origin has a lovely and uplifting meaning of “rainbow.”

38. Ava

This short and melodic feminine moniker has Latin and Hebrew origins and meanings of “bird” and “life,” respectively.

39. Bahar

This Persian name, pronounce bah-HAR, is an especially popular choice for girls in Turkey and boasts a fittingly simple meaning of “spring.”

40. Sivan

This feminine name means “season” in Hebrew and corresponds with the ninth month of the Hebrew calendar, which falls between May and June.

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41. Lark

This girl’s name of British origin relates directly to the playful namesake songbird and boasts gender-neutral potential, too.

42. Leilani

Here, a soft and lyrical Hawaiian name for girls that means “heavenly garland of flowers.” (We see lots of daisy chains in her future.)

43. Jasmine

This feminine Persian name meaning “gift from God” is also a flower that blossoms in the spring and is known for its intoxicating fragrance.

44. Anthea

Anthea is a feminine name of Greek origin derived from the goddess of marriage, women and family. It has a sweet and delicate meaning of “flowery.”

45. Saba

This feminine name of Arabic origin has a lovely melodic sound and a meaning to match: “soft breeze.”

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46. Birdie

A diminutive of several names, including Elizabeth and Bertha, Birdie is also a standalone name of English origin that means “bird-like,” “bright” and “famous.” Given that she’s already had a musical named after her, we believe it. (Bye Bye Birdie, anyone?)

47. June

The last month of spring is also a feminine given name of Latin origin that means “young” and has ties to the protectress of women and marriage in Roman mythology. No wonder it’s one of the most popular times to tie the knot.

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Mean Spring

48. Aviv

Although primarily a male name, this Hebrew moniker meaning “barely ripening” and “spring season” has gender-neutral potential, too.

49. Rain

Here, a gender-neutral moniker of Old German origin that means “abundance from above.” There’s also a more straightforward meaning that relates to spring showers and a new-agey vibe.

50. River

River Phoenix made this nature-inspired, gender-neutral name of English origin famous. And despite the fact that both his given name and surname make our list, the much-loved, departed actor was actually a summer baby. (Go figure.)

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51. Robin

A bird that appears during the spring months and a gender-neutral name of English origin that means “bright,” “shining,” and “famed” (like Robin Williams or Robin Wright, for example).

52. Brooke

Brooke, a gender-neutral name of German and English origin meaning “small stream,” is just right for a baby born in the season when said streams start to thaw and start babbling again.

53. Eden

Another name with strong biblical ties—we probably don’t need to tell you that this gender-neutral Hebrew moniker refers to a certain lush and paradisical garden in said religious text.

54. Sky

This gender-neutral name of Scandinavian origin means, well, exactly what you think it does and brings to mind clear blue skies and soft white clouds.

55. Denver

A city-inspired moniker with strong ties to nature—Denver is a gender -neutral name of French and Old English origin that means “green valley.”

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56. Sunny

Little explanation is needed when it comes to the meaning of this charming British moniker. Give it to either a boy or a girl and cross your fingers that their disposition lives up to the name.

57. Finch

Like the songbirds that start hopping around and chirping come springtime, this energetic name of English origin is a gender-neutral winner with cheeky vibes.

58. Arbor

Arbor is a strong sounding Latin name that works for both boys and girls and boasts a simple, nature-inspired meaning of “tree.”

59. Vida

“Life” is the meaning of this lyrical gender-neutral name of Spanish origin.

60. Parker

Another unisex moniker of Old English origin, Parker was traditionally an occupational surname and has since evolved into a given name with the same meaning of “park keeper.” (i.e., the keeper of the place where you’ll be picnicking all spring.)

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