100 Baby Names That Mean Fire Perfect for the Formidable Bun in Your Oven

From Aiden to Rhys

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You’ve got a bun in the oven and you know that your baby is a force to be reckoned with. (How do you know, exactly? Because the kid won’t stop kicking you in the ribs!) As such, you’ve come here to find a spicy name that will suit your newborn’s fiery temperament. Without further ado, here are 100 different baby names that mean fire from all different cultures. Read on…and good luck.

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Boy Names That Mean Fire

1. Cole

An English surname that has evolved into a masculine given name, the meaning of Cole is just what it sounds like: “coal-black” and “charcoal.”

2. Branton

This dignified sounding Gaelic name means “sword” or “fire town.”

3. Aarush

Aarush is a Hindu name that references the red horses of the God of fire, and has meanings of “first ray of sun,” “red” and “brilliant.”

4. McCoy

This masculine name has Irish and Scottish roots and a straightforward meaning of “fire.”

5. Hagan

Here, an Anglicized double diminutive of an old Gaelic name that means “little fire.”

6. Finlo

“A fair Lugh” is the meaning of this Irish name…and if you’re not sure what that means, ‘Lugh’ refers to the Celtic god of the sun.

7. Brand

Brand has British and Old Norse roots and powerful meanings of “fiery torch,” “sword” and “beacon.”

8. Edan

This masculine Scottish name has a soft, melodic sound that belies its fierce meaning of “fire.”

9. Adar

Adar has diverse roots—Hebrew, German, Syrian—and multiple meanings, but one of them is “exaltation of fire.”

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10. Inigo

You might recognize this one from The Princess Bride, but the given name of Inigo Montoya has Basque origins that go way back, plus a meaning of “fiery and ardent.” (A perfect fit for the character, no?)

11. Nuri

This Arabic boy’s name has a sweet, diminutive sound and a meaning of “my fire” and “light.”

12. Barak

The former president’s given name has Hebrew origins and a biblical meaning of “lightning.”

13. Egan

“Little fire” is the meaning of this too-cool-for-school Gaelic name.

14. Brenton

Or Brent for short. This Old English name has multiple topographical meanings, including “dweller near the burnt place.”

15. Loki

This Old Norwegian name refers to the God of destruction and has a meaning of “chain” or “fire.” (Let’s hope your kid doesn’t live up to the mythological reputation.)

16. Tyson

If you’re looking for a tough masculine name, the famous boxer’s surname fits the bill. As a given name, it means “firebrand.”

17. Uri

Derived from the name of one of King David’s warriors in the Bible, this Hebrew name has a meaning of “my light, my flame.”

18. Kenneth

“Hey, Ken!” This classic Scottish name means “born of fire” and “handsome.” (Duh.)

19. Ignatius

Here, an old-timey Latin name with a spirited meaning of “fiery” and “ardent.”

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20. Haco

This strong two-syllable moniker has Celtic roots and meaning of “fire” and “flame”

21. Conley

Conley is a Gaelic name with a sophisticated sound and a meaning of “wise,” “great chief” and “chaste fire.”

22. Brandr

Pronounced BRAND-er, this Norse baby name boasts an offbeat spelling, Viking vibes and a meaning of “fire sword” and “torch.”

23. Anatole

Here, the French take on a classic Greek masculine name that means “sunrise.”

24. Elio

This vowel-heavy name has Italian, Greek and Latin origins and a fiery, but simple meaning of “sun.”

25. Cyrus

Cyrus is a Persian name with Greek roots and, again, a meaning of “sun.”

26. Flint

As in the stone you can make sparks and start a fire with. This rugged, topographical name has Old English origins.

27. Sampson

Yet another sweet boy’s name that means “sun,” this one has Hebrew roots and biblical ties.

28. Ignacio

The Spanish version of Ignatius with a similar meaning of “fiery one.”

29. Surya

Surya is a Hindi name with a soft and graceful sound that refers to the (male) sun god in the religion.

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30. Conieth

A variant of the Irish name Conley with the same meaning of “chaste fire.”

31. Apollo

This Greek name is a fierce choice that belongs to the mythological god of light and has a meaning of “destroyer.”

32. Vulcan

Vulcan is a masculine name of Latin origin that belongs to the god of fire himself, who is associated with volcanoes and often depicted as a blacksmith.

33. Moshi

Though this name has many origins and just as many meanings, it symbolizes smoke in Swahili.

34. Dukhan

Another name that means “smoke,” this one has Arabic origins and comes straight from the Quran.

35. Cináed

Pronounced KEE-nadj, this Irish and Scottish name has Gaelic origins and a badass meaning of “born of fire.”

36. Rhys

Derived from the Old Welsh ‘Ris,’ this name symbolizes a fire-breathing dragon and has a meaning of “ardent” and “passionate.”

37. Brando

This Italian take on the Old Norse name, Brand, boasts the same meaning of “sword” and “fiery torch.”

38. Adish

Sometimes spelled Aadish, this moniker has Persian roots and a meaning of “fire” and “supreme lord.”

39. Ravi

Short, sweet and decidedly cute—this Sanskrit boy’s name has a warm meaning of “sun.”

Girl Names That Mean Fire

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40. Ember

There’s a mysterious air to this cool name, but no mystery when it comes to the meaning: “burning low,” “spark” and “amber.”

41. Arpina

This unique Armenian girl’s name means “rising of the sun.”

42. Enya

An Irish name meaning “fire” and “little seed” that has some star power behind it, thanks to a certain singer-songwriter.

43. Aithne

Another Irish option, and one that might appeal to parents looking for something more unique. This one bears some similarity to the name Anna (it’s pronounced ATH-nah) and has a meaning of “fire.”

44. Nina

This one has many different origins and meaning, but one of them is derived directly from the Incan goddess of fire.

45. Nuria

This uncommon name of Hebrew, Portuguese and Catalan origin has a fierce meaning of “fire of the Lord.”

46. Agni

This short and sweet moniker has Sanskrit origins and a meaning of “fire” and “flame.”

47. Pele

If you’re looking for a soft, pretty name with a bold and fiery meaning, you can’t go wrong with the one given to the Hawaiian Goddess of fire and volcanoes.

48. Ena

This short and cute name has Irish origins and a meaning of “ardent” and “little fire.”

49. Seraphina

Here, a Hebrew name that means “burning ones” and a reference to the high-ranking angels (i.e., seraphim) in Jewish scripture who were known for their passionate love.

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50. Tana

“Fire,” “star goddess” and “fairy queen” are the meanings of this simple but ethereal Russian moniker.

51. Vesta

Vesta is a Latin variant of the Greek name Hestia, who was one of the three goddesses from antiquity—specifically, the “Goddess of the Hearth.”

52. Shula

This melodic moniker has Hebrew and Muslim origins, and somewhat opposing meanings of “peace” and “flame,” respectively.

53. Hestia

Again, the Greek version of Vesta and the mythological ‘Goddess of the Hearth.”

54. Fiammetta

In addition to being extremely fun to say, this name is derived from the Italian word for flame and boasts a spicy meaning of “little fiery one.”

55. Bedelia

Bedelia is the goddess of fire and poetry in Celtic lore and the name means “exalted one.” (A far cry from the beloved, if not rather bumbling, children’s book character Amelia Bedelia.)

56. Bridget

Sometimes spelled Brigid—this one has the same Irish origins as Bedelia and has a shared meaning and connection to the Celtic goddess of fire and poetry.

57. Calida

This name of Greek and Spanish origin means “most beautiful” and, in Spanish, has a quite literal translation of “heated” and “warm.”

58. Alinta

“Fire” and “flame” are the meanings of this powerful name, which hails from the southern region of Australia.

59. Abenanka

This very energetic and fun-to-say name comes from the Ainu people of Japan. The first syllable means “fire.”

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60. Tanwen

Tanwen, a unique Welsh moniker meaning “white fire,” would be a good fit for a fierce blonde-haired baby.

61. Udia

This Hebrew name has biblical significance and a corresponding religious meaning of “ember” and “fire of God” or “Jehova’s fire.” (We’re getting leadership vibes.)

62. Nova

“New” is the meaning of this Latin name, which is popular in Scandinavian countries and has an astronomical association with the (namesake) bright burning stars that explode from fiery hot older ones.

63. Sol

Here, a lovely one syllable feminine name of Spanish origin that directly translates to “sun.”

64. Cyra

Another name that evokes the warmth and power of fire—Cyra has Persian roots and a dual meaning of “sun” and “throne.”

65. Elidi

Elidi is a feminine name of Greek origin with a meaning that perfectly expresses the warmth and love you will feel upon meeting her: “gift of the sun.”

66. Sunniva

Sunniva is another “sun gift,” but this one comes from Norway.

67. Salana

This melodic, three-syllable moniker has Latin origins, an alternate spelling of ‘Solana,’ and a simple meaning of “sun.”

68. Idalia

This pan-cultural moniker has Greek, German and Italian origins. There are multiple meanings as well, including “hardworking” and, more prominently, “behold the sun.”

69. Helia

Helia is the feminine form of the Greek word for “sun” and a favorite given name for girls, as well.

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70. Aguya

Here, a Russian name with a truly badass meaning: “mistress of fire.”

71. Eliane

This pretty name has Hebrew, Latin and Greek origins, and a connection to the ancient sun god from Greek mythology, Helios.

72. Eilidh

This Gaelic variant of the Greek name Helen is a popular Scottish moniker that means “radiant one” and “sun ray.” It’s pronounced AY-LEE.

73. McKenna

A relative of Cináed and a girl-friendly version of Kenneth, this Gaelic moniker has the same fierce meaning of “born of fire.”

74. Britt

Britt is the Scandinavian version of Brigid—a name that refers to the Gaelic goddess of fire and poetry.

75. Solveig

This cute and offbeat name hails from Scandinavia; its meaning is a compound that translates to “sun” and “strength.”

76. Azula

Although this Spanish moniker actually means “blue,” the moniker also belongs to the sadistic fire princess in the popular show Avatar: The Last Airbender.

77. Gabieta

Alternate spellings include Gabeta and Gabija, but all three refer to the fire spirit in Lithuanian mythology.

78. Cacia

Originally Caca, but you probably want to avoid that spelling, Cacia is an alternate version of the name for a Roman goddess of the hearth and fire.

79. Asama

Asama has a few different cultural ties—but in Japan, she’s the goddess of the country’s famously active volcano, Mount Fuji.

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80. Rekka

“Blazing inferno” is among the fire-related meanings of this Japanese name for girls. (And yikes!)

81. Abellona

Abellona is the Danish, feminine form of the Greek name Apollo, who was a mythological god associated with sun and light (among other things).

82. Iskra

This sweet and peppy Polish name has a meaning to match its energetic sound: “spark.”

Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Fire

83. Phoenix

As in the mythological bird that bursts into flames and renews itself from the ashes.

84. Azar

Azar is a gender-neutral name of Persian origin that literally translates to “fire” and denotes the ninth (and presumably hot) month of the Persian solar year.

85. Solaris

This gender-neutral name of Latin origin means “of the sun,” and has a decidedly ethereal vibe.

86. Liekki

Liekki is a uniquely Finnish moniker with a meaning of “dancing flames” that conjures images of the Northern Lights.

87. Kalama

Most commonly given to girls—but gender-neutral, nevertheless—Kalama is a Hawaiian name that means “flaming torch.”

88. Mirri

Pronounced MEE-REE, this ridiculously cute unisex name has Aboriginal Australian roots and a meaning of “the sun.”

89. Kai

Kai is a truly cosmopolitan name with more origins and meanings than we can count…but in Scotland the gender-neutral moniker means “fire.”

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90. Ash

This gender-neutral diminutive of the Hebrew name ‘Asher’ means happy and has a connection to fire that we probably don’t need to explain.

91. Keegan

Originally a boy’s name that has gained popularity with the other sex, Keegan is an Anglicized version of an Irish name that means “fiery.”

92. Alev

Soft and melodic, Alev is a beautiful Turkish name for either sex that boasts a straightforward meaning of “fire.”

93. Hayden

Yet another name with diverse meanings and origins; one such origin is as a gender-neutral variation of the Celtic name Aidan, meaning “fire.”

94. Reese

Reese Witherspoon rocks this gender-neutral Welsh name, which means “enthusiasm,” “ardor” and (you guessed it) “fire.”

95. Sule

The meaning in India might be different, but in Turkey, this popular girl’s name means “flame.”

96. Shams

This unisex Muslim name comes from the Arabic word for sun and is pronounced SHAHM-s.

97. Keahi

Keahi hails from the islands of Hawaii and has a meaning of “fire” and “flames.”

98. Blaze

Have fun with spelling variations if you wish to make it more subtle—Blaise and Blazej, for example—either way, this one has Latin origins and a pretty obvious meaning.

99. Aiden

This name of Irish and Gaelic origin has a fiery-but-sweet meaning to match its diminutive sound: “little fire.”

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100. Mishal

Mishal is a soft and melodic name of Arabic origin that means “torch” and “beacon.”

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