60 Names That Mean Summer to Celebrate Your Baby’s Sunny Spirit

From Arun to June

Needless to say, summer is the sunniest and warmest time of year, so a baby born during this season is sure to bring a lot of light into your life. (In more ways than one, so brace yourself for those short nights, friends.) If you’re looking for something seasonally appropriate to call your newborn, we have a whole bunch of names that mean summer for you to consider. From unique monikers like Arun to sweet and familiar names like Lucy and June, here are our top picks.

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Baby Girl Names That Mean Summer

1. Summer

No explanation needed here.

2. Damia

In Greek mythology, Damia is one of the goddesses of the seasons, associated with growth, fertile earth and the summer season.

3. Suvi

This sweet and soft-sounding name of Finnish and Norse origin translates to “summer.” If you’re looking for something that’s right on the money, but not as obvious, this one fits the bill.

4. Aelia

Here, a Roman name with a summery and cheerful meaning of “sunlight” or “sunshine.”

5. Soleil

A soft and melodic name of French origin that quite simply means “sun.”

6. June

The month that marks the start of summer and an endearing feminine name with plenty of Southern charm à la June Carter Cash.

7. Lucy

This sweet and pretty name of English origin has vintage charm and a meaning of “daylight” and “bright.”

8. Kira

This name (pronounced KEE-rah) has multiple origins and just as many meanings, in Japan it means “glittering” and “shining.” You know, like the summer sun.

9. Kalinda

Kalinda is a peppy, three-syllable moniker of Indian origin that has a HIndi translation of “sun.”

10. Eleodora

Or Ellie for short. We get sophisticated, old-timey vibes from this Spanish name meaning “gift of the sun.”

11. Alev

This pretty Turkish name has a fierce and powerful meaning that belies its soft sound and evokes the summer climate: “fire.

12. Lieta

This melodic and cheerful name means “summer” in Belarusian.

13. Mehri

“Kind,” “lovable” and “sunny” are the meanings of this sweet Persian name, which describes a disposition any parent would hope for.

14. Nanaka

Japanese in origin and decidedly fun to say—Nanaka is a feminine name that means “seven summers.” (We’re guessing that the seventh birthday party will be one for the books.)

15. Chaska

Here, an Incan name with a diminutive and energetic sound. Chaska refers to the goddess of dawn (among other things) in Incan mythology and has a meaning of “morning star.”

16. Muriel

“Shining sea” is the meaning of this name of Irish origin; a good fit for a future surfer girl or beach babe.

17. Tesni

This unique name (pronounced tes-NEE) is of Welsh origin and boasts a lovely meaning of “warmth of the sun.”

18. Ondine

It sounds French, but this pretty feminine name actually has Latin origins and a beachy meaning of “little wave.”

19. Souline

This one’s actually French—Spanish and Latin, too—and has a radiant meaning of “sunlight.”

20. Lana

Lana is a truly cosmopolitan name with Slavic, British and Italian roots. It means “shining” and “light.”

21. Oriana

This girl’s name of Latin origin is a close relative of Aurora and has a similar meanings of “gold,” “sunrise” and “dawn.”

22. Chiara

An Italian feminine name that means “bright” and “luminous,” like the summer sun and your baby’s first smile.

23. Akemi

This feminine name of Japanese origin meaning “bright sea” evokes the beauty of the ocean in summer and is an excellent pick for parents looking for a less common moniker.

24. Sandy

Sometimes short for Sandra, but also a gender-neutral name of Greek origin that means “man’s defender” and also “that stuff on the beach.”

25. Palmira

“Palm tree” and “city of palms” are the meanings of this feminine name of Portuguese and Spanish origin. We probably don’t need to explain the connection to summer.

26. Marisol

Marisol is a Spanish name with religious connections to the Virgin Mary and a meaning of “Our Lady of Solitude.” It’s also a phonetic match for “mar y sol,” which translates to sea and sun in Spanish.

27. Mirri

You’d be hard-pressed to find a cuter moniker than this one of aboriginal Australian origin. It’s pronounced MEE-REE and means “the sun.”

28. Arev

This unique and melodic name of Armenian origin has a straightforward translation of “sun.”

29. Roxana

There are several spelling variations on this Pesrian girl’s name (Roxanna, Roxanne and Roksana, to name a few) but they all have the same sunny meanings: “bright” and “dawn.”

Baby Boy Names That Mean Summer

30. August

The hottest month of summer and a Latin boy’s name with a sweet sound and powerful meaning of “to increase” and “greatest.”

31. Cyrus

This name of Persian origin has Greek ties, a gentle sound and a simple but bright meaning of “sun.”

32. Luca

Luca is an adorable, gender-neutral name of Italian origin with a pleasant and fitting meaning of “bringer of light.”

33. Ray

Often used as an abbreviation for Raymond, this timeless classic of Old German origin means “protector,” but we just think of the sun’s warming rays (and SPF).

34. Helio

This name of Greek and Portuguese origin (pronounced HEE-leo) has a meaning of “sun” and too-cool-for-school island vibes.

35. Kir

Kir is a short and kind of badass masculine moniker with Persian roots and, yet again, a meaning of “sun.”

36. Sampson

Also spelled Samson and easily abbreviated to Sam—this time-honored biblical name of Hebrew origin means (yep, you guessed it) “sun.”

37. Sorley

This Anglicized version of a Scottish and Irish Gaelic name has a dreamy, laid-back meaning of “summer wanderer.” Give it to a bright-spirited boy who’s keen on adventure.

38. Dayton

“Day town” and “sunny town” are the meanings of this sophisticated sounding British moniker, which lives on as a place name on both sides of the pond.

39. Arun

Arun is a name of Indian origin that’s pronounced somewhat like the more common Hebrew name Aaron, but boasts a distinct Sanskrit meaning of “dawn” and “sun.”

40. Murphy

A common surname in Ireland—Murphy can also be used as a gender-neutral moniker with arguably masculine vibes, given its sharp sound and meaning of “sea warrior.”

41. Blaze

Blaze has masculine vibes but gender-neutral potential for any fierce summer baby. It also has vague Latin origins and a not-so-surprising meaning of “fire.”

42. Phoenix

This gender neutral name packs a lot of heat, given that it’s associated with the mythological bird that bursts into flames and is reborn from the ashes.

43. Ravi

Here, a Sanskrit boy’s name with a short, charming sound, plus a summery meaning of “sun.”

44. Kiran

It sounds a lot like the Irish name Kieran in its pronunciation, but the spelling distinguishes this one as a traditional Hindu name that boast a bright and sunny Sanskrit meaning of “beam of light.”

45. Nikko

Related to the winged goddess of, well, winning in Greek mythology, this moniker has dual meanings of “people of victory” and “daylight.” The latter obviously having ties to long, summer days.

46. Elio

This name of Spanish, Italian and Latin origin has a slightly fresher and more modern feel than Helio and the same meaning of “the sun.”

47. Theros

“Summer,” “feral” and “beastly” are the meanings of this Greek name. If you’re looking for a fierce and masculine ode to summer for your baby boy, this one is hard to beat. (Rawr.)

48. Aiden

This sweet and soft boy’s name has Gaelic and Irish roots. We love the interplay between the melodic sound and the fierce meaning of “little fire.” (Let’s just say Aiden is full of surprises.)

49. Julian

Julian is another lyrical option for a boy—and it sounds a lot like a certain month of summer. It has Greek origins and a meaning of “youthful” that fits the spirit of the season, too.

50. Somerset

The first two syllables are pronounced exactly like the season and it should come as no surprise that this masculine name of English origin means “summer settlement.”

51. Leo

Leo is a strong, but understated name of German origin with a powerful meaning of “brave people” and “lion-hearted.”

52. Keegan

An Irish boy’s moniker that rolls off the tongue—Keegan has roots as historic ties to a surname, but has since evolved into a given name with an enigmatic meaning of “little flame.”

53. Arki

This spritely name of Sanskrit origin has a meaning with ties to the sun and the overall spirit of summer: “glowing and praising personality.”

54. Surya

Another name of Indian origin, this masculine moniker has a lofty Hindi meaning of “sun god.”

55. Taran

Gaelic in origin, this gender-neutral name has a sound that suggests a force to be reckoned with and a meaning to match: “thunder.”

56. Robin

“Famed,” “bright” and “shining” are the meanings of this sunny name of English origin and the work of Robin Williams and Robin Wright suggests your baby will burn bright no matter the gender.

57. Dylan

Dylan leans masculine but can be a good fit for little girls, too. It has Welsh origins as both a surname and given name, a summery meaning of “born of the sea,” and ties to more than one treasured poet. (Dylan Thomas and Bob Dylan come to mind.)

58. Kai

“Sea,” “ocean,” “shell,” “fire.” There are as many meanings for this universal, gender neutral name as there are origins—and nearly all of them are a perfect match for the season in question.

59. Aditya

A time-honored Sanskrit name—Aditya is a name that hails from Hindu lore and has come to represent the god of the sun.

60. Horus

Not to be confused with Horace—another option of Latin origin that simply means “season”—Horus is a masculine name of Egyptian origin that refers to the God of Light.

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