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In case you couldn’t tell by the influx of 2-year-olds in fur coats and velvet booties on Instagram, there are 22 million millennial parents raising children in 2016. Here, 16 signs you’re one of them.

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1. You comparison shop for Diaper Genie refills on Amazon, but you haven’t been inside a Babies "R" Us since the ’90s. 

2. You know more stay-at-home dads than stay-at-home moms...and none of them miss their hedge-fund jobs.

3. You think your child is absolutely gorgeous (and juuust a little more so with an Instagram filter applied).

4. Or better yet, a tiny flower-crown filter on your Snapchat story.

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5. And you regularly feel insecure when somebody else’s kid looks better dressed/fed/coiffed than yours on social media.

6. You've had at least one fight with your mother about whether babies really need to sleep on their backs. 

7. And four about why your toddler shouldn’t eat Jell-O Pudding Pops.


8. You considered a vegan pregnancy.

9. You considered baby-led weaning. 

10. You considered attachment parenting. 

11. You considered the name Hazel—and then backed out after two of your cousins used it.

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12. Your 3-year-old totally understands the concept of a selfie.

13. And knows your iPhone pass code.

14. And how to open Netflix and start streaming Daniel Tiger.

15. You’re also really proactive about limiting screen time. (You read that New York Times article, dammit.)

16. But, at the end of the day, a few FaceTimes with your kid during a weekend away are really all you need in life.

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