*These* Will be the Hottest Baby Names of 2024, According to a Professional Baby Name Consultant

And her predictions are anything but boring

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Name trends may come and go, but the last few years have been rather… predictable, no? (Surprise, surprise—Olivia and Liam top the charts, yet again.) I can’t be the only one who thinks that it’s time for some fresh monikers to enter the chat. Which is exactly why I reached out to professional baby name consultant Colleen Slagen to get her picks for what will be the coolest new names of 2024. And her hunches are anything but expected. 

So, what’s on tap for this year? Per Slagen, vintage names are back, as well as very modern nature names and “dictionary names” (i.e., “nouns and adjectives we don’t typically think of being used as names”). For the latter, think: Journey, Dream and River. “For parents looking for names with a classic feel but more modern and edgy than Elizabeth or John, surnames as first names are a big trend,” she adds. Specifically for boys, cowboy-esque names are having a moment (Briggs, Colter, Dutton) and for girls, gender-neutral or typically masculine names are on the up (like Noah, Charlie and Rowan). 

So if you’ve got a bun in the oven and want a baby name that’s cool and in vogue, Slagen’s forecast above should give you plenty of inspo. But if you’re still curious about which names are going to be big this year, keep reading. 

The 3 Hottest Boy Names of 2024

1. Rhodes

“Surnames are a big trend right now, and within that category people are loving surnames that end in 's'. So more popular options would be Miles and Brooks, but for parents looking for a more unique option that fits this criteria, Rhodes is a big up-and-comer.”

2. August

“Expect more Augusts, Guses and Auggies. I think this name will break into the top 100 this year. It has vintage appeal, a unique sound, and the it-factor for a lot of people: great nickname potential.”

3. Cal

“For both boys and girls, people are embracing nicknames without a formal given name. I find this especially true with the name Cal—lots of parents don't love the more formal names that can be nicknamed to Cal, and instead are just going for the sweet, vintage, nickname by itself.”

The 3 Hottest Girls Names of 2024

1. Margot

“While Barbie may not be making a comeback yet, Margot Robbie's big year could have a major impact on the name Margot. Although this name did not have a big jump in last year's data (it only rose one spot), I expect it to start rising at a faster trajectory. It appeals to the many people looking for a name with a classic feel that isn't too plain or overly common. The one place it falls short: great nickname potential.”

2. Esti

“This does not currently rank in the top 1,000 as a given name (that doesn't speak to its popularity since it's also a nickname for names like Esther and Estelle that do rank in the top 1,000), but I expect it will this year, especially after Chrissy Teigen and John Legend used it for their daughter. It has ‘cool girl’ energy; short and chic and effortless.”

3. Scottie

“People are becoming more and more comfortable with nicknames as given names, and this also falls in the category of gender-neutral names or ‘boy names for girls’ which are really taking off.” 

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