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If anyone deserves a present this season, it’s the person who looks after a classroom full of energetic kids and still manages to keep a smile on her face. We quizzed our teacher pals about the best holiday gifts they’ve ever received from parents and students, so that you can make sure that you (and your kid) stay off the naughty list this year. Here, eight gifts to show your children’s educators how much you appreciate them.

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Group of teachers sitting in a cafe
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A Fun Day Out

Here’s a fact that will totally shock your teen: Teachers like to socialize, too. Help your kids’ teachers unwind after a busy couple of months with a gift card to a local restaurant or movie theater. Want to really help them relax? Get them a certificate to a local spa. (Um, can we have one too, please?)

Plant and books sitting on top of a wooden desk1
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A Houseplant

Perk up a drab office desk with a gorgeous (and preferably easy-to-take-care-of) plant. Here are a few that are practically foolproof: a bright orchid, air plants in cool containers or a low-maintenance succulent like jade. 

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Nice hand sanitizer
Bed, Bath & Beyond

Classroom Essentials

Sadly, many teachers don’t have a budget for school supplies, which means that they often pay for these out of their own pockets. It may feel a little dull, but educators actually really appreciate being given practical things such as disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer (you can never have enough) or classroom snacks like a huge jar of animal crackers or popcorn. Jazz your gift up with some festive wrapping and you’re good to go.

Hand holding out a Christmas Starbucks cup

All the Coffee

Hey, we find it hard to get through the day without our caffeine fix and we don’t have to deal with those 7 a.m. starts or rowdy children (apart from our own, that is). Treat your kid’s teacher to a gourmet coffee blend or a Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts gift card. (Some soothing herbal tea isn’t a bad idea, either.)

Chic notebook planner

Chic Office Supplies

One teacher we spoke with loved her gold stapler gift so much that she insisted on showing us photos. Gift some gorgeous and Insta-worthy classroom gear like these shimmery pencils or this anything-but-boring notebook.

Pouring a glass of wine


Because after a long day at work, they deserve to unwind with a glass of Pinot. Relax, you don’t need to spend a small fortune to get a decent bottle—here’s how to buy one that’s decent for just $10.   

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Woman writing thank you holiday card to teachers
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Homemade Card

A heartfelt card or handwritten note tops every teacher’s wish list this holiday season (seriously), especially one that explains how they’ve made an impact on your kid. Or better yet, why not ask your child to write the note herself?   

Sofa and coffee table with books
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Something Related to Their Subject

A movie poster from the film teacher’s favorite director or a coffee table book of the art teacher’s favorite works? Thoughtful and personal.

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