17 Healthy Lunchbox Snacks Your Kids Will Go Nuts For

Step away from the store-bought potato chips and chocolate-chip cookies. Those processed foods are full of sugar, salt and artificial ingredients (yuck). Instead, make one of these homemade (and healthy) snack recipes for the kids. And make some extra for yourself, of course.

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Banana Split Yogurt Kebabs

Everything is more fun when it’s dippable.

Salt And Pepper Zucchini Chips

Ditch the store-bought chips for this make-at-home veggie version.

Mini Avocado And Hummus Quesadillas

Forget the cheese and salsa; these bite-sized snacks are filled with healthy fats.

Blueberry Vanilla Greek Yogurt Granola Bars

It’s like a bowl of cereal on the go (only way more delicious).

Banana And Nutella Roll-ups

Three ingredients, endless deliciousness.

Laura Wing & Jim Kamoosi

Mason Jar Snack Packs

Portable, adorable and totally customizable.

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Rainbow Pretzel Wands

Fact: Everything’s better with sprinkles.

Strawberry Oatmeal Bars

At 100 calories a pop, these guilt-free snacks will satisfy any sugar craving.

Peach And Raspberry Fruit Leathers

Sorry, Fruit by the Foot. We have to break up.

Chocolate Chip Baked Oatmeal Muffins

Cookies for breakfast? We’re listening…