Now Is the Time to Stock Up on Pet Supplies at Chewy’s Once-a-Year Blue Box Event

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Summer’s here, Westminster is in full swing and we’re having fun hanging with our best friends— our pets. As we prep our patios for outdoor hangs and whip up some summertime meals, we can’t help but add a few things to our carts for animal family members. Lucky for us, Chewy’s Blue Box Event is here. Once a year, Chewy offers up some crazy good deals on pet goodies, from health and wellness to toys and treats. Pretty much everything we need to dote on our pets this summer will be on sale. So, whether you’ve got three dogs, a cat, some birds, a huge fish tank or even a horse, there’s a deal for you.

Chewy’s Blue Box Event starts on June 21 at 12 a.m. EST and ends on June 24.

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chewy blue box prescriptions

1. Prescription And Vet Diet Discounts

If you’re a first-time dog owner or your dog was recently prescribed a specific diet or medication, take advantage of Chewy’s first-time purchase deals. If you spend $49 on a pharmacy purchase for your pooch, Chewy will give you a $30 eGift Card! If you spend $100 on a first-time veterinary diet purchase (dogs only), Chewy will give you a $25 eGift Card. Doggy specialty diets and meds can get pricey; this is a great way to stock up now and save later.

chewy blue box greenies

2. Greenies Savory Salmon Dental Treats

Less than two calories, no artificial flavoring, added vitamins and minerals and it cleans your cat’s teeth? Sign us up! Greenies shape their treats to remove plaque build-up as kitties chew. These are also said to freshen breath.

chewy blue box tidy cat

3. Tidy Cats Lightweight Unscented Clumping Litter - 2 Pack

Litter does not have to be heavy and smelly—as proven by Tidy Cats Lightweight Unscented Clumping Litter. Made of clay with charcoal to absorb odors, there’s less dust and no heavy lifting (each container is only 8.5 pounds). There are no added fragrances either, a good move since some artificial scents could dissuade cats from using the litter box.

chewy blue box nature s miracle

4. Nature's Miracle Odor Control Charcoal Filter

These charcoal odor control filters can be trimmed to fit just about any litter box with space for a filter. Nature’s Miracle says these babies last up to three months, which means three months of less litter, poo and pee odor than you’re used to.

chewy blue box kong scratcher

5. Kong Naturals Cat Scratcher

Yes, Kong makes cat stuff. These scratchers, made with environmentally friendly materials, are incredibly durable yet recyclable when your cat is through. For teeny kittens, buy the small version. For super playful cats (or dynamic duos), try the inclined version, complete with a hidey-hole for extra playtime.

chewy blue box buzz woody

6. Bundle: Pixar Woody Plush Kicker + Buzz Lightyear Teaser Cat Toy With Catnip

What’s a Woody without a Buzz? That’s right, even your kitty knows that the dynamic duo belongs together. And in this case, you get a plush Woody doll and a paper-stuffed Buzz Lightyear with ribbons attached to a wand. To infinity and beyond!

chewy blue box retrospec wagon

7. Retrospec Rover Waggin Bike Trailer

Turn your summer bike trips (or short rides to get ice cream) into a true family affair with this bike trailer. Designed to keep dogs and cats up to 50 pounds safe and secure, Retrospec has outfitted the trailer with a cabin leash and a zipper door. Mesh fabric keeps the air flowing (it’s also weather-resistant to prevent wear and tear). This trailer can be attached to most adult-sized bikes (wheels between 20 and 29 inches).

chewy blue box pet gate

8. Pet Parade Pet Gate

Sometimes, we’ve gotta keep the pets in one room while we cook dinner in the other. This pet gate from Pet Parade is free-standing (no tricky wall attachments) and expands up to 54 inches long. The 24-inch-high wooden gate also folds up nicely so you can store it when not in use.

chewy blue box molly mutt

9. Molly Mutt Rough Gem Large Blanket

Who says couch covers need to be boring? This giant blanket from Molly Mutt features a trendy geometric pattern and can be used to protect chairs, cars, couches or whatever your pets love to lounge on. With 100 percent cotton canvas on one side and soft fleece on the other, it’s a cozy and practical option. Plus, it’s machine-washable (but hang to dry).

chewy blue box american journey

10. American Journey Grain-free Training Bits Dog Treats

If we’ve learned anything about raising a happy, healthy dog, it’s that firm and early training sets them up for success. These training treats from American Journey are key players in a positive training regimen. They’re small so you can reward often, yet packed full of protein and real ingredients (chicken is the first ingredient). Plus, a soft and chewy texture makes it easy for dogs to chow down and get back to work.

chewy blue box kong squeaky balls

11. Kong Squeakair Balls

These look like tennis balls but are way safer for your dog to catch and chew. Real tennis balls can break with heavy chewers, making them choking hazards. Kong’s Squeakair Balls, on the other hand, are made specifically for dogs (not tennis pros) with durable materials and non-abrasive felt. Purchase the right size for your pup, ranging from extra-small to large.

chewy blue box embark

12. Embark Dna Test For Dogs

An incredible deal for an incredible amount of knowledge about your dog! If you’ve got a shelter or adopted pup without specific purebred lineage, Embark could be a game-changer. Discover the breeds that make up your pup to uncover the best training tactics for your dog, potential health issues to watch for and even possible pup relatives. All it takes is a cheek swab.

chewy blue box toothbrush

13. Radius Lush & Plush Toothbrush

This toothbrush works for both dogs and cats, FYI. Dental hygiene is key to a healthy pet, so it’s time to start brushing if you haven’t already. This brush comes with a BPS-free, non-slip grip handle for easy, safe brushing. If your dog or cat has sensitive gums, have no fear. The rounded head is gentle on gums. Finally - Radius is a woman-owned brand.

chewy blue box lifevest

14. Bundle: Frisco Ripstop Life Jacket + Floating Squeak Toy

Got a water dog breed? Maybe a boat or a lake trip planned? Gotta have a doggy lifejacket. This vest from Frisco is manageable enough to let your dog swim freely and thick enough to keep them afloat. A foam flap up front keeps their heads out of water and two handles on top make hoisting them back onto docks or boats a cinch. This bundle includes two floating squeaker balls, too!

chewy blue box just food for dogs

15. Justfoodfordogs Sampler Variety Box

Considering a human-grade, hand-prepped delivery meal kit for your dog? This is literally the best time to try it. This sampler variety box from JustFoodForDogs includes some of their most popular recipes, like Beef with Russet Potatoes and Lamb with Wild Rice. Everything ships frozen and stays fresh for up to one year in the freezer. Thaw, keep refrigerated until mealtime and serve to your pup within three days. These are protein-based meals with tons of nutrients and delish flavors.

(+ 50% off at check-out)

chewy blue box goody box

16. Disney Mickey & Minnie Goody Box

There’s nothing cuter than the Disney goody boxes Chewy’s offering right now! They each come with five items (usually chew toys and treats) picked specifically by dog people who know what dogs love. Pamper your pet—and check out future goody box offerings, as they change up the theme every once in a while.

(+30% off at checkout)

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