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When you’re purchasing a gift for a baby shower, chances are the first place you’ll look is the mom-to-be’s registry. After all, she’s taken the time to carefully select what she wants and needs. But if you’re late to the list and everything’s already purchased—or you want to wow her with something she didn’t expect to receive—we’re here to help. We asked real moms to dish about the best baby shower gifts they received (or really wish they had!) and they held nothing back. From strollers to diapers and everything in between, here’s what they revealed.

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One mom of two, an infant and a toddler, said she thought nothing of the Leachco Podster Sling-Style Infant Lounger when she opened it at her baby shower. But that all changed when she used it. Cleaning (or getting anything done, really) with a new baby can be tricky, but this lounger was so cozy—lightyears better than the traditional Boppy, she said—that her child happily napped as she tackled chores nearby.

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Most of the moms we talked to immediately had the same answer: “More diapers, please.” It may not seem exciting, but boy, do they come in handy. Take your gift up a notch and give the mom-to-be an Amazon diaper subscription that delivers a new box every few weeks.

$38; $34 at Amazon

3. Instacart Express Membership

Let’s be real: Getting to the grocery store can be quite a hassle. A mom of three says the year-long membership to Instacart is the gift that keeps on giving and it was by far the best gift she received.

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4. Mockingbird Stroller

It’s no secret that a stroller is a must-have when bringing a baby into the world. A mom of six was gifted this stroller for her youngest and couldn’t get over how easy it was to use. “For my previous children, we just used whatever stroller was given to us, but this one made our lives so much easier,” she says. “There are so many different positions the baby can be in, and we didn’t have to buy a new one once he became a toddler.” You can customize your color on the Mockingbird stroller, and it’s also compatible with a wide range of car seats.

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5. Zipadee-Zip Straight & Arrow Fleece Swaddle

All mamas need some shut-eye, and one mom of two boys says the Zipadee-Zip is her go-to for getting her baby to sleep through the night. The best part is it’s available in various sizes, so as her baby grows, she can continue his bedtime routine. “It keeps him cozy and warm, and he still sleeps in it at 11 months,” she says.

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6. Easy-to-Print Photo Albums

As cliché as it sounds, the first month of a baby’s life can feel like six months, and the next 11 can feel like a week. In a flash, their first birthday is around the corner. That’s where this thoughtful gift comes in handy. All she has to do is add photos to the Groovebook app and a photo album will be delivered to her door each month.

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7. Personalized Blanket

A handful of mamas agreed that personalized items are special keepsakes they’ll hold on to well after their baby has outgrown it. This sweet Etsy find is a perfect way to celebrate the newborn’s name—and if the parents are waiting until the birth announcement to reveal it, you have the perfect excuse if you, um, procrastinated a bit in ordering a present.  

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8. Robeez Soft Sole Baby Shoes

Even though most gifts received before the baby arrives are geared toward newborns, one mom of two toddlers says she wishes she’d received quality walking shoes for her kids. “They’re only babies for so long, and then in a blink of an eye, they’re walking,” she says. “I never knew how important it was to have a quality walking shoes for first steps.”

$28; $16 at Amazon

9. A Nursery Center for Two

“I was shocked when I found out I was having twins, so any baby item that accommodated both babies at one time was a godsend to me,” says one mom. The Baby Trend Retreat Twins Nursery Center allows mom to keep both babies near and in the same space without having to buy doubles of everything. It’s a bit of an investment, but it can be a great group gift option.

$220 at Amazon

10. Date-Night Gift Cards

New parents deserve a night out, and restaurant gift cards are a great way to encourage them to take some time alone. (Bonus points if you volunteer to watch the baby!) One mom says she had no clue how helpful this would be, but it’s now her go-to gift for new mamas.

$50 at Amazon

11. Loungewear for Mom

“Since the first few months are generally spent at home with the baby, I always found myself searching for comfortable pajamas that I could stay in all day long,” says one mom. This supersoft two-piece set has nearly perfect stars on Nordstrom, and buyers can’t stop raving about how soft and durable they are.

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12. Moby Wrap Baby Carrier

It’s no surprise a baby carrier made it to this mom-approved list. They’re great for trips to the store, evening walks with the family and even wearing around the house while doing household tasks. We love this one because it’s easy to use, it’s stylish and it doubles as a nursing cover.

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One first-time mom says she doesn’t know what she would do without the bath chair she was gifted at her shower. “It was a practical gift that I didn’t realize I needed,” she says. She loves the Hillsdale Amelia Vanity Stool in particular, because it is compact and has a storage shelf on the bottom for her baby’s bath-time must-haves, like a comb and brush.

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14. Snoo Smart Sleeper Bassinet

OK, this sleeper comes with a huge price tag, but there’s nothing wrong with everybody going in on a group gift. Various moms raved about how this bassinet made naps and nighttime sleeping a lot easier for their little one. One mom even found that her 2-month-old was sleeping 10-plus hours a night, and she gives all the credit to the bassinet keeping baby snug and comforted.

$1,295 at Amazon

15. Comotomo Silicone Bottles

Everyone winds up finding their preferred bottle brand, but Comotomo’s silicone bottles have become a breakout favorite. A mom of two toddlers says they made bottle-feeding way easier than other brands. “It looks and feels like a breast, so my baby never fussed when it was time to bottle-feed,” she says. Plus, it is made of hygienic silicone and features dual air vents to prevent colic.

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16. WubbaNub Lil’ Lamb Infant Pacifier

If you’re looking for a small addition to a baby shower gift, this pacifier is too cute to pass up. The adorable stuffed animal attached to it makes the paci harder to lose—and easier for little hands to grab.

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17. Nanobebe 25 Breast Milk Storage Bags and Organizer

This milk organizer was one new mom’s favorite gift based solely on functionality. “After pumping for what seemed like all day, it was nice to have an organized system to store my breast milk in the fridge,” she says. The stackable frame takes up minimal space and makes it easy to quickly grab a bag and go.

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18. Scratch Guards

A mom whose newborn seemed unsettled most of the time says she wishes she’d received more scratch-guard mittens, like Goumikids Goumimitts. “My little one scratched herself a lot, but mittens were something I knew nothing about,” she says. “After buying a pair, I only wished I knew about them sooner.” We love this pair for its adjustable fit that keeps them in place.

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