7 Baby-Proofing Spots You Might Have Missed

That first ride home from the hospital was one of the most nerve-wracking experiences of your life...but fast-forward a couple months, and you’re now a total pro at this taking-care-of-another-human thing. Next up? Baby-proofing for your crawling mini. While you probably know about the big danger zones (like medicine cabinets and power outlets), don’t forget about these seven lesser known spots around your home.

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Non-toxic Houseplants

Most houseplants are totally safe for kids, but if you have a lot of greenery around your home then, just double check that nothing poses a risk to your family. Here’s a list of plants that can cause allergic skin irritations, stomach upsets and other negative effects.

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The Tv

Ohhh, so many pretty pictures. Yep, once your kid is mobile, she’s definitely going to make a beeline for the tube. Make sure yours is either out of reach or mounted to the wall (same goes for any other large furniture within grabbing distance).

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There’s no need to toss out your favorite Moroccan area rug just because you have kids, but you’ll definitely want to invest in a non-slip mat to go underneath it in order to avoid any tumbles. (OK, there’re always going to be tumbles but this should help minimize the damage.)

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Your Trash Can

Every parent knows first-hand that kids love to put weird stuff in their months—including trash. (Ew.) Use a safety strap to lock your trash can’s lid and any other cabinets and drawers within reach.

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The Bathtub

You already know about water temperature safety, but don’t forget about how slippery the tub can be for tiny feet. Invest in a cute non-slip bath mat for inside and outside the tub.

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The Stove

Those knobs are just way too fun to twist. Use stove knob covers to keep your kid (and your home) safe. And here’s another tip: When cooking, turn pot handles toward the back of the stove to reduce the risk of meddling fingers knocking hot food everywhere.

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Tiny Objects

Forget buying a choking hazard tester—save your money and just use the toilet paper tube test, instead. If an object can fit inside the tube, then it poses a choking risk for your kid and you should place it out of reach.

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