Here’s What We Know About William Zabka’s Net Worth

When Johnny Lawrence faced off against Daniel LaRusso for the first time in Karate Kid, it marked the beginning of an iconic, decades-long feud. Now, two sequels and a spin-off series later, William Zabka is still kicking with his rival-turned-frenemy in Netflix’s Cobra Kai.

In honor of the fearless sensei (and the show’s upcoming final season), we’re taking a closer look at William Zabka’s net worth. What is his salary on the show? And how much did he make from the movies? Keep reading for answers.

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1. What Is William Zabka’s Net Worth?

Celebrity Net Worth reports that the actor, producer and director is currently worth $3 million, and it has a lot to do with the Karate Kid franchise.

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2. How Much Did He Make from the Karate Kid Film Series?

The actor’s salary is unknown, but we do know that he wasn’t in it just for the paychecks. The movies inspired him to take up martial arts in real life—in fact, he developed a passion for Tang Soo Do. Zabka even earned a second-degree green belt after his training.

3. What Is His Cobra Kai Salary?

Zabka earned $100,000 per episode for the first two seasons, according to Celebrity Net Worth, which means he made approximately $1 million per season. Given the show’s massive success and longevity, we imagine his paycheck has gotten bigger. Especially since he also serves as an executive producer alongside Ralph Macchio and Will Smith.

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4. How Much Did Zabka Make from His Other Projects?

Zabka boasts an impressive resume when it comes to his acting credits. He's been in movies like High Voltage, Hot Tub Time Machine and Where Hope Grows. His TV credits also include Psych, How I Met Your Mother and The Equalizer. How much he made from these appearances is unclear, but we imagine they added a few zeroes to his bank account.

As it turns out, Zabka was also an Academy Award nominee. In 2003, he produced the short film Most, which earned him a nomination for Best Live Action Short Film.

Keep it up, William.

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