Here’s What Happened When a Boomer & a Millennial Watched ‘Cobra Kai’ for the First Time

Cobra Kai just dropped its fifth season, so it’s only a matter of time before it tops Netflix’s list of most-watched shows.

To determine what makes it so binge-worthy, we enlisted a Millennial and a Boomer who have never seen Cobra Kai but were willing to watch the first episode of the first season with the sole purpose of providing their thoughts as a Millennial (adults age 26 to 41) and a Boomer (adults age 58 to 76).

Cobra Kai is a sequel to The Karate Kid and takes place 34 years after the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament. Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) is now a successful businessman, and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) is struggling to make ends meet. Everything changes when Johnny meets a young boy, Miguel (Xolo Maridueña), who convinces him to reopen the Cobra Kai dojo.

Here’s what our test subjects had to say after their first viewing.

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Mark Hill/Netflix

1. Did you enjoy Cobra Kai?

Both the Boomer and the Millennial confirmed that Cobra Kai piqued their interest. “The first episode brought back so many memories,” the Boomer said. “I forgot how much I enjoyed The Karate Kid and how it shaped my childhood. Everyone knows the ‘wax on, wax off’ reference, and now I can revisit it as an adult.”

Although the Millennial has seen The Karate Kid, she didn’t remember the original movie as well as the Boomer and, therefore, appreciated the reintroduction. “I liked how the show recapped what happened in The Karate Kid with flashbacks and reenactments,” she explained. “It doesn’t require prior knowledge to understand what’s happening.”

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Jace Downs/Netflix

2. What did you like about it?

Well, it doesn’t overshadow The Karate Kid. “My biggest concern was that it wouldn’t do justice to the original film, but it does,” the Millennial said. “Cobra Kai builds on the original story line, versus retelling it, and introduces a new sensei-student relationship that viewers can’t help but root for.”

The Boomer also noted that it caters to fans of the original movie, adding, “When The Karate Kid premiered in the ’80s, it was special because it represented where I was during that time in my life: a twenty-something trying to navigate life with no manual. With Johnny’s mid-life crisis in Cobra Kai, it feels extremely relatable for those of us who grew up idolizing the movie.”

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Mark Hill/Netflix

3. Is the story line believable?

The Millennial referred to a scene in the first episode of Cobra Kai when Johnny’s car is towed to LaRusso Auto Group, forcing him to cross paths with his former enemy, Daniel. “Is it believable that Johnny wants to reopen the dojo? Yes,” she said. “But the awkward relationship between Johnny and Daniel made me roll my eyes. No adult would go to that extent to avoid running into someone.”

The Boomer explained that while some scenes were dramatic, it doesn’t affect her overall opinion of the show. “Nothing stood out in a bad way,” she said. “I will say, as someone who’s 60+, I was shocked when Johnny whipped out karate moves after years of no practice and didn’t throw out his back.”

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Jace Downs/Netflix

4. Will you continue watching?

The consensus is—drumroll, please—YES. “When I first heard about Cobra Kai, it didn’t interest me because I prefer romance over action,” the Boomer said. “But I didn’t realize how nostalgic it would make me feel. And for that reason, I’ll continue watching.”

While the Millennial was more indifferent, Cobra Kai made the streaming cut…for now. “I’m intrigued by the story line, but I don’t have as much attachment to it as other people,” she added. “That being said, I like watching shows that have more than one season available to stream, so I’m willing to give it a shot.”

Mission accomplished.

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