A Boomer & a Millennial Just Watched ‘Only Murders in the Building’ for the First Time—Here’s What They Said

If you watch TV, have a TV or generally just know what TV is, then you’ve probably heard of Only Murders in the Building, which recently debuted its second season. Viewers seem to love this show, so to determine what makes it so binge-worthy, we enlisted a Millennial and a Boomer who have never seen Only Murders. Still, they were willing to watch the first episode of the first season with the sole purpose of providing their thoughts as a Millennial (adults age 24 to 40) and a Boomer (adults age 57 to 75).

Only Murders in the Building follows three strangers (played by Martin Short, Steve Martin and Selena Gomez), who have one thing in common: they love true crime. When a murder happens in their own apartment building, they team up to investigate the truth.

Here’s what our test subjects had to say after their first viewing.

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1. Did You Enjoy 'only Murders In The Building'?

Both the Millennial and the Boomer enjoyed the first episode, but they’re not totally convinced by the story line. “I can understand what the hype is about, but I also have several questions,” the Millennial said. “For example, can the show incorporate a podcast element without make it feel too modern? Regardless, I liked the mystery element that keeps viewers guessing with the whodunnit tale.”

The Boomer struggled to review it after watching only one episode, but her reaction seemed hopeful. “It’s hard for me to judge a show based on the first episode, but I’m interested,” she explained. “I have never listened to a podcast though, so I can’t relate to their obsession with wearing headphones. They hurt my ears.”

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Patrick Harbron/Hulu

2. Is There Anything You Didn't Like?

The Millennial questioned whether Only Murders in the Building is trying too hard to be modern and tech-savvy. “Personally, I love podcasts. But I also feel like the show is focusing so much on it that it’s aliening people who don’t listen to podcasts,” she said. “Even as someone who does, I thought it was too much.”

The Boomer agreed with this statement, adding, “Like I said, I’ve never listened to a podcast, so I’m indifferent about that part of the story line. But it also didn’t scare me away.”

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3. Is The Story Line Believable?

As expected, they both gave extremely different responses. The Millennial revealed that she’s confused by the trio’s friendship. “One day, they’re strangers. And the next, they’re a crime-fighting trio? It doesn’t make sense,” she explained. “Even in crazy circumstances, it seems extremely odd for strangers to team up and solve a murder, especially given their differences. I can’t be the only one who’s puzzled by their sudden friendship.”

The Boomer, on the other hand, had an impartial reaction. “I’m not a fan of fantasy, so if the show takes place in a real setting, then I don’t have an issue with dramatization,” she said. “The apartment building scenario is very realistic. I don’t know why Mabel would befriend two men who could be her father, but I’m not bothered by it.”

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Craig Blankenhorn/Hulu

4. Will You Continue Watching?

The answer is yes (x2). “I’m a sucker for cliffhangers,” the Millennial said. “So, despite my hesitations, I will continue watching because I’m curious to see how it all plays out.”

The Boomer added, “I haven’t seen Steve Martin and Martin Short in anything recently, let alone together. I don’t quite understand the podcast aspect, but I’ll keep watching for the actors.”

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