All the Clues We Found in the Sneak Peek Photos for ‘Virgin River’ Season 5

'Virgin River' season 5 still.

*Warning: Major spoilers ahead*

Season five of Virgin River is less than a month away and we can hardly contain our excitement. Technically billed as “part one” (the first ten episodes will drop on September 7 with two holiday eps set to release on November 30), the latest installment brings us back to the cozy California town, and after watching that chaotic new trailer, we already know season five is gonna be full of drama.

Thankfully, Netflix has also released a few sneak peek photos for season five. So, we decided to put on our detective hats to see what these snaps tell us about the forthcoming episodes. Let's take a closer look together.

virginriver hero

1. The Knitting Circle Needs Some R&R

It seems the knitting circle put down their needles for the day and decided to get a little R&R at the spa. In this pic, we see Lydie (Christina Jastrzembska), Muriel St. Claire (Teryl Rothery), Jo Ellen (Gwynyth Walsh), Lizzie (Sarah Dugdale), Hope (Annette O’Toole) and Connie (Nicola Cavendish) enjoying mud baths and facials while chilling by the water.

Did something happen that prompted the need for a relaxing day? Or are they simply finding a new way to bond? All we know is, plenty of gossip gets shared when this group gets together.

vr hero3

2. Brie Is Not Backing Down

In previous seasons, we discovered that Brie (Zibby Allen) actually came to the town of Virgin River to escape her ex, Don (James Kot). But in season four, Don makes an appearance in the finale, threatening Brie and asking her to sign an NDA. In response, Brie threatens Don with a lawsuit.

Well, based on this snap, it seems Brie stays true to her word, so we can likely expect a very tense court proceeding throughout season five.

vr hero4

3. Preacher (Potentially) Chooses Paige

We've seen Preacher (Colin Lawrence) go back and forth on his feelings for Paige (Lexa Doig), and in season four, he started dating his martial arts instructor, Julia (played by his real-life wife, Lucia Walters). However, things got all kinds of complicated when Paige came tumbling back into his life.

In this photo, Preacher and Paige sit over a candlelit dinner, staring into each other's eyes. Is Preacher's expression one of undying love? Or has he broken things off with Paige completely? Only season five will tell.

virginriver hero2

4. Catastrophe Strikes the Town of Virgin River

In this haunting image from season five, we see a fire blazing in the woods, signaling danger for our beloved characters.

However, as the trailer indicates, even the worst catastrophes help unite the people of Virgin River. “Real heroes are the ones with the courage to do what’s right, who walk toward the things most people would run away from,” Brie says in a voiceover.

Let's just hope no one gets hurt.

'Virgin River' season 5 still.

5. Jack and Mel Seem Stronger Than Ever

In all of the sneak peek photos for season five of Virgin River, Jack and Mel are captured in some form of embrace or romantic moment. They're sitting by the fire, snuggling on the couch or nuzzling each other's heads, as seen above.

Despite the obstacles they've faced, these photos suggest that their relationship is stronger than ever, and will continue to be in season five. Is Netflix merely trying to throw us off the scent so they can drop a major bombshell? Perhaps, but we really hope not.


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