The New #9 Movie on Netflix Is an Intense, Must-Watch Flick (& It’s Oscar-Nominated)

A new movie just entered the top 10 on Netflix and it's got a plot that is sure to leave people talking.

Two Distant Strangers is a 32-minute drama about a Black graphic designer named Carter James, who gets caught in a time loop, where he can't stop reliving his killing by a police officer. The short film just hit #9 on Netflix, after recently receiving a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film.

Watch the trailer below.

Carter James (played by rapper Joey Bada$$) is trying to return home to his dog after a first date. However, when he runs into a cop that wants to search his bag for drugs, it leads to a deadly encounter. Immediately after, Carter wakes up in the bed of his date, Perri (Zaria Simone), realizing he has entered a nightmare he can't escape. This haunting film about racism and violence in the U.S. also stars Andrew Howard in the role of NYPD officer, Merk.

The science-fiction drama was awarded Best Short Film at the African-American Film Critics Association and has received other accolades from critics. The Detroit News called it "One of 2020's most powerful films, period — full length or otherwise" and added, "[It] needs to be seen by as large an audience as possible."

The screenplay for Two Distant Strangers was written by Travon Free, who has worked for popular American comedy shows like The Daily Show and Full Frontal with Samantha Bee. Free also directed the film alongside Martin Desmond Roe, while production was handled by Lawrence Bender, Jesse Williams and Chris Uettwiller.

We'll be adding this one to our list for sure.

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