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As Netflix users, we rarely see a show stay in the streamer’s top ten series list longer than a few weeks, let alone a few months. And yet, the Paramount+ Original series School Spirits, which premiered on the streaming platform in March 2023 and debuted on Netflix in November 2023, was able to accomplish such a feat. Although the series never claimed the number one spot, according to Forbes, School Spirits remained on the list for three months, charting at number nine on January 1, 2024. So, what makes this show a must-watch for so many Netflix viewers?

For one, School Spirits has a very compelling premise. Set in a fictional town in Wisconsin, the show (which is also being turned into a graphic novel) follows a teenage girl named Maddie, played by Cobra Kai star Peyton List, who wakes up in the afterlife at her high school. But she can’t remember how she got there. With the help of her best friend Simon (Kristian Ventura) and other teens trapped in high school/purgatory, they try to piece together what happened to her. 

The series wasn’t just popular with viewers—it also received good reviews from critics. Per Rotten Tomatoes, School Spirits received an 83 percent rating from reviewers (with an audience score of 89 percent). On IMDb, the show received a 7.6-star rating out of 10. With the rave reviews and high viewership, it seemed like a no-brainer for Paramount+ to renew School Spirits for a second season; and that’s exactly what they did. Now that season two is on the way, fans are hoping to get some answers following that massive cliffhanger in the season one final. So, what’s next for Maddie? Will she ever escape the afterlife and leave Split River High School? 

Keep reading to learn more about School Spirits season two, including plot, cast, possible release date and more. 

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1. When Was School Spirits Season 2 Confirmed?

Paramount+ announced that School Spirits was renewed for season two in June 2023, just two months after the season one premiere. Similar to Netflix, the series was one of the top teen dramas on Paramount+. 

2. What Is the Plot for School Spirits Season 2?

*Warning: Major spoilers ahead* 

While the cast and crew have remained pretty tight-lipped about the storyline for School Spirits season two, we’re confident that the upcoming installment will focus on that *major* cliffhanger at the end of season one. In the season one finale, audiences find out what really happened to Maddie in the basement of her high school. Ultimately, Maddie learns her body is being possessed by a spirit named Janet. And when people start to learn that Maddie is “alive,” Janet (controlling Maddie’s body) decides to skip town. This explains why Maddie couldn’t remember anything leading up to her supposed “death” when she mysteriously wakes up in the afterlife. 

Meanwhile, the second season could also answer more of viewers’ burning questions, from Janet and Mr. Martin’s unexplained relationship to why Split River High students Rhonda, Charley and Wally haven’t been able to cross over after so many years. Either way, we will be seated.

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3. Who Is the Cast for School Spirits Season 2?

We anticipate the main cast from season one will return for School Spirits season two, which includes: 

  • Peyton List as Maddie
  • Kristian Flores as Simon
  • Milo Manheim as Wally
  • Sarah Yarkin as Rhonda
  • Josh Zuckerman as Mr. Martin
  • Nick Pugliese as Charley
  • Spencer MacPherson as Xavier
  • Kiara Pichardo as Nicole
  • Rainbow Wedell as Claire
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4. Has Filming for School Spirits Season 2 Started Yet?

Not quite. When Paramount+ confirmed that School Spirits was returning for season two, the streaming service also released an official press release that stated the filming schedule and possible return date. According to the statement, it speculated that filming for School Spirits season two would start in early 2024 and be released at a later date. But that press release came out before the writers’ and actors’ strike in 2023. And we can guess that production for School Spirits season two (along with many other television shows) was pushed back. As of right now, Paramount+ has not confirmed that filming for School Spirits season two has started yet. So, we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for further announcements.

5. What Is the Release Date for School Spirits Season 2?

As of right now, Paramount+ hasn’t confirmed a release date for School Spirits season two. 

6. Well, Is There a Trailer?

Not at the moment. But when there is one, you’ll be the first to know. 

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7. Will School Spirits Season 2 Premiere on Netflix?

We don’t know for sure. Since School Spirits is a Paramount+ Original series and the first season debuted on the platform, we’re confident that the second season will debut there as well. School Spirits season one is streaming right now on Netflix and Paramount+.  

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