The #2 Show on Netflix Is Funny, Action-Packed and a Must-Watch—and We Binged All 8 Episodes in a Weekend

The concept is just so good

obliterated-netfliex-review: One white man, shirtless with long hair and a goatee, stands in the middle of a group of people at what seems to be a house party. A woman wraps her arms around the man from behind. There's a blue lighting in the room.

It’s a rare day when a Netflix show with relatively little hype comes along and utterly surprises us. But the raunchy new #2 action-comedy series on Netflix, Obliterated, is one such occurrence.

Coming to us from the masterminds behind Cobra Kai (which also has a very loyal fan-base), Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg, Obliterated is simultaneously thrilling, action-packed and actually funny. And the concept is kinda genius.

The brand-new series (which reached #2 on Netflix’s list of top ten shows in a matter of days, even surpassing the uber-popular Squid Game: The Challenge) follows a team of undercover government operatives out to save the world—or more specifically, Las Vegas—from bad guys looking to detonate a nuclear bomb on American soil. In the premiere episode, they root out the terrorists, disarm the bomb and prepare to disband the team. After all, they’ve accomplished their objective…or so they think.

Naturally, they decide to celebrate saving the lives of millions of Americans with a night of partying—very hard partying. But it wouldn’t be a full Netflix series if things ended there. Mid-party, the team discovers that the bomb they found was a fake and that the real nuclear threat is still out there. And they only have mere hours to save the day, this time for real. Unfortunately for them, none of them is in any shape to return to work (they are “obliterated” at a party), yet they have no choice but to accept the mission since they’re the government’s only hope to stop the bad dudes.

The remainder of the season plays out with fun and suspenseful episodes, with expert acting from the ensemble cast of relative newcomers. You’re unlikely to recognize too many of the faces, but the actors each pull off a very difficult feat: acting drunk, high or worse for an entire eight episodes. Cast members include Nick Zano (Melrose Place), Shelley Hennig (Teen Wolf), Terrence Terrell (Giants), C. Thomas Howell (The Outsiders), Alyson Gorske (Shrinking) and Kimi Rutledge (Shrill).

The series isn’t for the faint of heart. There are some graphic moments and the humor is very adult (think: The Hangover). But even with longer episodes, the show is still extremely bingeable. We finished the entire thing in a single weekend and could’ve kept watching more.

So whether you’re a fan of raunchy comedies, action-thrillers or (like us) both, you’re in for a treat with Obliterated. All eight episodes are currently available on Netflix.

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