I Haven’t Forgiven Netflix for Canceling This Mystery-Drama Series (But Season One Is Still a Must-Watch)

I remember stumbling upon The Society by accident while scrolling through Netflix. And after just the first episode, I knew I had found my next binge-watch.

The Society follows a group of teenagers who return home from a school trip and discover everyone from their hometown has mysteriously vanished. In order to survive, they create their own society with a set of rules. But, chaos and mayhem ensue and it quickly becomes a matter of “survival of the fittest.”

With a similar structure and narrative, fans of Yellowjackets and The Wilds will definitely enjoy watching this compelling teen drama. While this show is very Lord of the Flies-esque, what makes the show interesting to watch is the supernatural element. 

In the first episode, the students board a school bus out of town. But in the middle of the ride, the driver (whose face remains covered) informs everyone that the trip is canceled due to “bad weather” and turns around. (*Raises eyebrow*) Not only do the students come back to a deserted town, but they seem to be cut off from the entire world.

The Society on Netflix.
Seacia Pavao/Netflix

At times it can be frustrating to watch a show and get introduced to a major character, but their backstory is never explored enough and we never get to know them on a deeper level. Yeah, that doesn’t happen in this show. 

Every character has a complex and nuanced story and we get to watch them confront their problems and deal with them in the best way they know how (because, after all, they are still teenagers at the end of the day).

And I will say, there are certain characters you can’t help but root for, and others where you can’t help but wonder what happened to their moral compass. But in the end, every character (and there are a lot of them) has their moment to shine in the show.

The Society on Netflix.
Seacia Pavao/Netflix

The Society explores so many important themes and social issues like mental health, classism, teen pregnancy, living with disability, domestic violence and more. But, what truly makes the Netflix teen drama an absolute binge-watch is that every episode ends on a shocking cliffhanger and you just have to click on the next episode to see what happens. 

The Society Kids in the Forest CAT
Dana Starbard/Netflix

Unfortunately, fans will never get to see what happens in the very end of The Society because the show was canceled after one season. The reason why? According to Deadline, production for the second season was supposed to take place in the fall of 2020. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and numerous filming delays, the show was axed by the streaming service. 

Even so, the first season of The Society is available to watch now on Netflix—and believe me when I say that the show is definitely worth the watch.

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