All of Princess Anne’s Grandchildren, from Oldest to Youngest

Apart from being the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, we don’t know all that much about Princess Anne’s personal life. We do know, however, that the 72-year-old royal has five grandkids. Read on for a complete list of Princess Anne’s grandchildren, from oldest to youngest.

princess anne grandchildren savannah phillips
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1. Savannah Phillips (11)

Full name: Savannah Anne Kathleen Phillips

Parents: Peter Phillips and Autumn Kelly

Savannah is the oldest of Princess Anne’s grandchildren and Queen Elizabeth’s great-grandchildren. While she’s 18th in line to the British throne, she doesn’t have an official royal title because her father, Peter Phillips, never received one.

Savannah is widely known for her not-so-professional behavior at the Maserati Charity Polo Trophy in 2018, when she pushed her cousin, Prince George, down a grassy hill. Kids, amirite?

princess anne grandchildren isla phillips
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2. Isla Phillips (10)

Full name: Isla Elizabeth Phillips

Parents: Peter Phillips and Autumn Kelly

Introducing Savannah’s only sibling. Isla’s middle name was inspired by her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. Similar to her sister, she doesn’t have a royal title. However, many expect her to become a non-working royal (like Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice) when she’s old enough.

princess anne grandchildren mia tindall
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3. Mia Tindall (8)

Full name: Mia Grace Tindall

Parents: Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall

She’s the oldest daughter of Zara Phillips (the queen’s eldest granddaughter) and Mike Tindall. Mia never received an official title, but she’s still an integral part of the royal family. You might recognize her from Princess Eugenie’s wedding, where she served as a bridesmaid alongside Savannah, Isla and Princess Charlotte.

princess anne grandchildren lena tindall
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4. Lena Tindall (4)

Full name: Lena Elizabeth Tindall

Parents: Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall

Meet Princess Anne’s second-youngest grandchild, Lena (pronounced Lay-na). Her parents chose the name simply because they liked it, according to royal reporter Emily Nash. And Elizabeth was a nod to the child’s “Gan-Gan” (natch).

lucas tindall
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5. Lucas Tindall (1)

Full name: Lucas Philip Tindall

Parents: Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall

Last but not least, there’s Lucas. Zara couldn’t make it to the hospital in time, so she gave birth on the floor of their bathroom.


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