All the ‘Love Actually’ Cast Members: Then and Now

We know: We can’t believe it’s been 15 years since Love Actually first came out either. But the biggest shocker of the beloved holiday movie’s anniversary: the realization that many of the cast members have gone on to star in some of our favorite blockbusters and hit shows. (Westworld and Ozark, anyone?) So, Where Are They Now?: Love Actually edition begins now.

kiera knighley love actually
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Keira Knightley (juliet)

Romance is Juliet's bread and butter. Since her role as a newlywed in Love Actually, Keira Knightley has continued making blockbusters: Disney’s live-action The Nutcracker, Colette, Pirates of the Caribbean, Anna Karenina, Pride & Prejudice and Atonement, to name a few. And she shows no *signs* (get it? Like the signs Mark holds up for her to read in the movie?!) of slowing down anytime soon.

hugh grant love actually
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Hugh Grant (prime Minister)

Another no-name (JK), Hugh Grant’s recent works include Florence Foster Jenkins opposite Meryl Streep, the villain in Paddington 2 and a return to TV with A Very English Scandal. Oh, and he tied the knot this May with longtime girlfriend Anna Eberstein and welcomed his fifth child this year. (Cue David’s infamous solo dance scene.)

liam neeson love actually
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Liam Neeson (daniel)

Daniel, aka young Sam’s stepdad, aka Liam Neeson, has a particular set of skills (LOL) that paid off in the form of blockbusters like Taken, The Huntsman: Winter’s War and, most recently, the Coen brothers’ latest western, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs.

thomas brodie sangster love actually
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Thomas Brodie-sangster (sam)

Daniel’s stepson Sam is a lovestruck young boy in the movie (some fans even noticed the similarities between Sam/Joanna and Prince Harry/Meghan Markle in a meme that went viral earlier this year). Now, the actor, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, is 28 years old (We. Are. Ancient.) and has had some major gigs of late, including the Maze Runner movies and portraying Jojen Reed on Game of Thrones (what?!).

olivia olson love actually
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Olivia Olson (joanna)

Now 26, Olivia Olson played the precocious American classmate to Sam (and gave us a much-needed dose of Mariah Carey). Since the film, the actress-singer has done voice work for animated shows on Cartoon Network and the Disney channel, and recently released her second album, Nowhere Land.

colin firth love actually
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Colin Firth (jamie)

Not sure about you, but Uncle Jamie’s story was our fave. You can catch Academy Award winner Colin Firth in next month’s Mary Poppins Returns and in the upcoming The Secret Garden remake (and, obvi, this year’s Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, because how could we forget Harry?!).

laura linney love actually
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Laura Linney (sarah)

The Ozarks are a far cry from London, that’s for sure. Four-time Emmy Award winner and two-time Golden Globe winner Laura Linney currently plays Wendy Byrde, wife to Jason Bateman’s character Marty Byrde, on Netflix’s Ozark. She’s also recently starred in Sully, The Dinner and Nocturnal Animals.

rodrigo santoro love actually
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Rodrigo Santoro (karl)

Welllll, howdy, Hector! Sarah’s hot crush, Karl, is none other than dark and brooding bandit Hector Escaton on HBO’s Westworld. He also played king Xerxes in the movie 300 and its sequel 300: Rise of an Empire. Seems he's still steaming up TV sets one badass role at a time...

emma thompson love actually
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Emma Thompson (karen)

Joni Mitchell fan Karen (love ya, Karen) was a big name before and after Love Actually. Emma Thompson recently received her damehood (and tried to kiss Prince William during the ceremony!) and will star in the new Men in Black 3 movie alongside Love Actually co-star Liam Neeson. (Does MIB3 explain the new hairdo?)

alan rickman love actually
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Alan Rickman (harry)

Sadly, the legendary actor who played Karen’s husband Harry passed away in 2016. One of his most memorable roles post-Love Actually was Professor Snape in the Harry Potter movies.

andrew lincoln love actually
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Andrew Lincoln (mark)

Calling all TWD fans: Andrew Lincoln, who plays Mark, aka Juliet’s husband’s BFF who was high-key obsessed with her, was Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead (although his days were numbered), but may be back for three TWD movies. Bless.

chiwetel ejiofor love actually
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Chiwetel Ejiofor (peter)

Juliet’s husband Peter is none other than Chiwetel Ejiofor, renowned for his portrayal of Solomon Northup in 2013’s 12 Years a Slave. He’s also set to voice Scar in The Lion King remake due out next year. (Move over, Jeremy Irons…)

martina mccutcheon love actually
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Martine Mccutcheon (natalie)

Soft-spoken Natalie was a staff member and, later, love interest to Hugh Grant as the prime minister (and, um, object of creepy affection to the U.S. president, played by none other than Billy Bob Thornton). She's portrayed by English actress Martine McCutcheon, who began her career as a singer and moved to Hollywood after Love Actually. Though a big-screen career never took off (nor a real-life fairy-tale romance with a prime minister), she’s been in a number of soaps and daytime TV shows in the U.K. since.