The New #1 Movie on Netflix Is a Must-Watch Action Thriller Starring Lena Headey

This brand-new Netflix flick is a perfect example of why we never judge a book movie based on the cover title.

Introducing Gunpowder Milkshake. Although it sounds like a hangover waiting to happen, the film is actually quite entertaining. In fact, it’s already claimed the number one spot on Netflix’s list of most-watched movies after just one day on the streaming service. (It’s currently ranked ahead of Fear Street Part Two: 1978, Fear Street Part One: 1994, Grom: Plague Doctor and Kung Fu Panda.)

So, what is Gunpowder Milkshake about? The thrilling story line follows Sam (Karen Gillan), a dangerous assassin who’s haunted by her past. Although her mom, Scarlet (Game of Thrones alum Lena Headey), was also an assassin, Sam hasn’t seen her for 15 years, when Scarlet abandoned her.

Now, the pair must reunite in an attempt to save an 8-year-old girl. Will Sam and Scarlet let their past issues derail the mission? Or will they seek revenge against those who took everything from them?

In addition to Gillan and Headey, Gunpowder Milkshake features an all-star cast, including Freya Allan (young Sam), Chloe Coleman (Emily), Carla Gugino (Madeleine), Michelle Yeoh (Florence), Angela Bassett (Anna May), Paul Giamatti (Nathan), Ralph Ineson (Jim), Ivan Kaye (Yankee), Adam Nagaitis (Virgil) and David Burnell IV (Shocker).

The movie was directed by Navot Papushado (Big Bad Wolves), who also co-wrote the script alongside Ehud Lavski (Once Upon a Time in Palestine).

Lucky for us, Gunpowder Milkshake isn’t as, er, vanilla as it sounds.

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