Christina Applegate Truly Shines in ‘Dead to Me’ Season 3: ‘Better Than Ever’

*Warning: Minor spoilers ahead*

It’s been more than two years since Dead to Me ended with the season 2 cliffhanger. And now, the popular series is returning for its third—and final—season on Netflix.

In honor of the highly anticipated premiere, we watched the first two episodes to determine whether it’s worth your time. Keep scrolling for an honest review of Dead to Me season 3.

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Dead to Me season 3 picks up right where the previous installment concludes. If you recall, season 2 ends with Jen (Christina Applegate) and Judy (Linda Cardellini) driving in the car and pulling up to a newly installed stop sign at the intersection where Jen’s husband lost his life. Suddenly, their vehicle is T-boned by another driver, who just so happens to be—drumroll, please—Ben (James Marsden).

The first episode shows what happens directly after the accident. While Jen is rushed to the hospital, Ben flees the scene and enlists the help of Jen’s son, Charlie (Sam McCarthy), to get himself home safely.

The show proceeds to address some unanswered questions, including what happens to Jen’s confession letters. It also introduces multiple brand-new story lines that set the stage for what’s to come in season 3 (in addition to Ben’s guilt regarding the accident).

dead to me season 3
Saeed Adyani/Netflix

If there’s one takeaway from Dead to Me season 3, it’s that the writers aren’t holding back. There’s so much packed into each 30-minute episode, but it doesn’t feel overwhelming. Plus, the humor is better than ever, even when the characters are addressing heavy themes.

While the new season doesn’t address Applegate’s Multiple Sclerosis (MS) diagnosis, it perfectly captures Applegate’s charm and reminds viewers why they fell in love with the actress when she starred on Married... with Children. In Dead to Me season 3, she’s quirky, silly and full of life. Even when her character is faced with difficult times, she carries herself with confidence and poise—a powerful and praiseworthy performance.

PureWow rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Based on the first two episodes, it seems like Dead to Me season 3 doubles as an ode to Applegate, showcasing her considerable talent and reminding us of her noteworthy career in the entertainment industry. (She did receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, after all.) And the fact that she stars opposite Cardellini—who’s equally as charming—is just icing on the cake.

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