I Watched the First Episode of Netflix’s New #3 Ranked Show & Here’s My Honest Review

First, it was The Haunting of Bly Manor. Then it was The Queen’s Gambit. And now, Netflix has blessed us with another equally binge-worthy TV show.

Introducing Dash & Lily, a brand-new series that’s a cross between Normal People and Sweet Magnolias. Although it just premiered on Netflix this week, it’s bound to show up in your “Suggested for You” section, since it already shot up to the number three spot on the streaming service’s list of most watched TV shows.

In honor of Dash & Lily’s success, I watched the first episode with the sole purpose of determining whether it’s worth your time. Keep reading for my honest review of Netflix’s Dash & Lily.

dash and lily netflix review

1. What Is 'dash & Lily' About?

Dash & Lily introduces viewers to two strangers: Dash (Austin Abrams) and Lily (Midori Francis), duh. Dash is a total cynic when it comes to Christmas, calling it “the most detestable time of the year.” Lily couldn’t be more different. Not only does she embody the holiday spirit, but she’s also extremely optimistic about finding a partner who matches her personality.

Their two worlds collide when Dash discovers a red notebook hidden on a shelf in his favorite bookstore. Inside, he finds a series of clues that were written by a mystery woman (AKA Lily), who sends him on a wild goose chase around the shop in an attempt to decipher a riddle.

When he completes her “game,” Dash is infatuated. He must know who “she” is. So, he devises a plan with his best friend, Boomer (Dante Brown), to find her.

It’s important to note that (as of the first episode) Dash hasn’t actually talked to Lily in person. In fact, Lily isn’t really shown in the first installment—she’s only heard through voiceover until the very end. However, Dash seems adamant about continuing their newfound relationship via written messages, and I’m all for it.

dash and lily netflix

2. Is It Worth The Watch?

The answer is an overwhelming yes. The reason comes down to one element that’s lacking in lots of new releases: Dash & Lily left me wanting more.

Was it slightly cheesy in some areas? Absolutely. Is it geared toward a young adult audience? A little bit. Is it too soon to judge after watching only one episode? Probably. But during these times of uncertainty, all I want is a distraction. And the movie is an ideal option for anyone who’s looking for a lighthearted TV show with a mystery element.

One of the biggest things that Dash & Lily has going for it is it’s unpredictable. (As in, I have no idea what’s going to happen next.) Some Netflix content—like Holidate and Operation Christmas Drop—more closely resembles Hallmark’s holiday lineup.

While I’m a total sucker for cheesy Christmas movies that are nearly identical, Dash & Lily’s story line is fresh and new. It’s something I haven’t seen before. And in the age of never-ending streaming options, that’s saying a lot.

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