How I Accidentally Appeared in Nick Jonas’s New Netflix Rom-Com (And Didn’t Know Until Today)

I’m not afraid to admit that I’m the biggest Jonas Brothers fan.

I can write a novel (a series maybe) detailing just how deep my obsession goes, from my encounters with them (like bumping into Nick Jonas on my 16th birthday), to how I covered my room in floor-to-ceiling posters of the band or how I have the ‘Jonas Brothers’ as a keyword on Slack to notify me if anything comes up at work in regards to them. Yes, I’m that fan.

So when I got a notification on Slack last year that they were performing outside of my office building (remember when going in the office was a thing?), my mind went into fangirl mode. I can’t remember what I was working on that day, but I knew for sure that my coworkers were about to see a side of me they had never witnessed before, and I was both nervous and excited to show off my stan life.

My first thought: Was this fate? Why in the world, out of all places, were they in Hudson Yards? I watch the messages and videos pour in and my 2010 self came up in my head at the thought of missing it. (For context: I once cried in the Time Square McDonald’s for missing the chance to meet them...for the second time. Wow, I’m really exposing myself here, but the love is real.)

A barricade separated us from the other fans, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying a free concert, even if it started raining. Still, I was puzzled: I hadn’t heard any rumors about a JoBros concert. And their song choice seemed odd—a Christmas tune in the middle of November?

I thought it was for the upcoming Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting, but some people thought it had to do with Netflix. At the time, we thought maybe it’d be a documentary or concert. It would take a full year before we’d get the truth: It was for Dash & Lily, a romantic comedy based on a YA book series called Dash & Lily's Books of Dares.

It all came together when the Jonas Brothers posted an Instagram video with footage from Hudson Yards and a caption stating, “NYC is the best place to be for the holidays and we couldn’t miss being a part of our brother’s first executive producer gig. Here’s a sneak peek at our #LikeItsChristmas performance for #DashAndLily... All episodes are streaming TOMORROW on @netflix.”

dash and lily netflix cat

I did some digging, and the series stars Midori Iwama (Ocean’s 8) and Austin Abrams (Euphoria, This Is Us) as they communicate through a little red notebook and fall in love during the holidays in New York City. The trailer was enough to have me intrigued to watch the series. (Plus, if you’re a sucker for holiday rom com and spent hours watching flicks like Christmas Prince, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Operation Christmas Drop, to name a few than this might be one to add on your queue). In the movie, the Jonas Brothers appear to perform their new Christmas single, “Like It's Christmas” (aka the one we heard on loop that fateful day). Nick Jonas also has his own scene in the series—and can now add ‘executive producer’ to his resume.

dash and lily netflix

I didn’t think we were going to show up in the scene until I saw the expanded shot and realized we were accidentally in the rom-com. While it’s not the clearest shot, I can still say I appeared in a Netflix TV show (which is now streaming, FYI). Now, where is my IMDB credit?

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